5 Songs From The Album “Harvest” By Neil Young That Got Fans Hooked

5 Songs From The Album “Harvest” By Neil Young That Got Fans Hooked | Society Of Rock Videos

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During the vibrant 1970s, Neil Young experienced a creative zenith that remains unmatched. His album Harvest, following the remarkable After the Gold Rush (1970), faced the challenge of living up to its predecessor’s brilliance. Compounding the difficulty was the impending tragedy in the Canadian artist’s life, as his guitarist, Danny Whitten, passed away shortly after the album’s recording, having been excluded due to addiction issues.

1. The Needle and the Damage Done
The song “The Needle and the Damage Done” took on a prophetic significance, its haunting presence contributing to the album’s legendary status. This was particularly poignant when Young invited Whitten to join the tour, only to part ways due to his struggles. Tragically, Whitten succumbed to a fatal mix of drugs and alcohol shortly afterward.

2. Heart Of Gold
Despite the adversity, the album boasts numerous virtues that transcend the tragedy. Far from being an ill-fated record, it stands as a profound and captivating country-rock masterpiece, anchored by the timeless “Heart of Gold,” one of Young’s most renowned compositions.

3. Old Man
In “Old Man,” the artist’s natural and unrestrained performance adds an extra layer of appeal. His expressive face and body convey a genuine connection to the wild and beautiful force embodied in the song.

4. Alabama
Often overshadowed by Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Alabama” is an outstanding Southern Rock gem that deserves greater recognition. Unfortunately, more people don’t appreciate such exceptional music.

5. Out On The Weekend
Undoubtedly one of Young’s enchanting musical creations, “Out On The Weekend” stands out for its extraordinary songwriting and lyrics that delicately explore the profound sensitivity associated with love.

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