5 Rock Legends Of The ’70s You Hated But Now Love

5 Rock Legends Of The ’70s You Hated But Now Love | Society Of Rock Videos

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It Wasn’t Easy For Them

Not every rock band is a success story and in the ’70s, it wasn’t easy rising above the noise. There were stellar acts left and right churning out songs that became instant classics. And for the following bands, it took them awhile to break into mainstream and achieve massive success. They had a pretty rough start but after a few misses, they finally hit it big.

Let’s revisit these groups that we weren’t crazy about when they started but over time, they’ve manage to win us over.

5. Styx

Formed in 1972, they started out as a prog-rock band before transforming into an arena rock act by the end of the decade and early ’80s. With their first four albums, they managed to establish a loyal following in Chicago but mainstream success still eluded them. When “Lady” from their second LP got increasing airtime two years after its release, that’s when they began getting the recognition they deserved. They eventually struck gold with a series of hits thanks to their catchy and infectious rockers and power ballads.

4. The Ramones

Integral to the development of punk rock, The Ramones achieved minimal commercial success in the early years of their career. Their first four albums became important works in the genre but their recognition came rather slow. Even before they recorded their debut LP, they were already regulars at the CBGB. With their aggressive sound, attitude, and unique style, they essentially influenced countless other punk musicians.


They started off as Wicked Lester and people flocked to their concerts because of their makeup, costumes, pyrotechnics, and elaborate stage shows. They grew their fan base by constantly touring but that didn’t translate to album sales. They got their break when they dropped their first live LP “Alive!” They still have haters today but it’s hard to deny the mark they made in rock.

2. Journey

It took them years and a couple of albums before they found their sound and style. It wasn’t until lead singer Steve Perry got onboard when they finally won over the masses. They were on a roll from the late ’70s to the early ’80s – releasing rockers and ballads that have aged pretty well.

1. Aerosmith

Although they have sold over 150 million albums worldwide, Aerosmith didn’t become household names overnight. It took them a while before they broke into mainstream and even after achieving massive success, they still had their occasional lows. They resurrected their career in the ’80s and until today, they’re still going strong.

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