5 Fleetwood Mac Tracks That Disappointed Rock Fans

5 Fleetwood Mac Tracks That Disappointed Rock Fans | Society Of Rock Videos

SAN BERNARDINO, CA - MAY 1983: Singer Stevie Nicks and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham of the rock group "Fleetwood Mac" perform onstage at the US Festival in May 1983 in San Bernardino, California. (Photo by Richard McCaffrey/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

We’ll Pass

Fleetwood Mac once dominated the rock ‘n roll scene with Rumours. But just because they churned out musical masterpieces doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t have their fair share of misses. The band had several lineup changes over the years and so it comes as no surprise that purists turned up their noses at anything written and recorded by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Besides, you can be oozing with talent and musicianship and still can’t please everybody.

Mind you, this isn’t a list of their worst songs but a mere compilation of tracks that fell short of everyone’s expectations. Releasing a total of 17 albums, there’s bound to be some disappointing tune in there. These aren’t their best works.

5. “Sands of Time” (1971)

It’s easily one of the most forgettable Fleetwood Mac songs ever. Even ardent fans probably no longer remember this existed.

4. “What A Shame” (1971)

What a shame, indeed. “Future Games” initially had seven songs but due to the record label’s insistence that they add an eighth track, Fleetwood Mac hastily recorded this and well, it’s pretty obvious that this is nothing more than a filler.

3. “Danny’s Chant” (1972)

Listeners to this are often left confused and baffled. Created by Danny Kirwan, it’s generally an instrumental but with some nonsensical chanting in the background.

2. “In The Back Of My Mind” (1990)

Not the band’s finest musical moment. Some say this is underrated but majority of their fans beg to disagree. There’s a reason why this has taken a back seat and you just gotta listen to it and then compare it to their other songs.

1. “These Strange Times” (1995)

Sometimes, it’s all in the title. Mick Fleetwood chants a bunch of random stuff like “God is now here and that was hell”, “Daddy, daddy, hold on”, and “I wished I was in love / I love you, I love you.” A handful of fans enjoy this track but the rest – well, we don’t mind not hearing it ever again.

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