5 Drummers That Can Match Neil Peart’s Skills

5 Drummers That Can Match Neil Peart’s Skills | Society Of Rock Videos

Recent speculations, albeit just rumors, hinted at a possible reunion of RUSH members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson forming a new band. Fans were intrigued, particularly pondering who might step into Neil Peart’s shoes as the new drummer and match his unparalleled drumming skills.

While the rumor sparks excitement, it’s also intriguing to speculate on potential replacements who could measure up to the legendary Neil Peart. Let’s consider some drummers who could fill that role:

1. Danny Carey (Tool)
Renowned as one of the standout drummers of this century, Danny Carey has gained immense popularity for his exceptional skills. His contributions to the prog-metal band Tool are monumental, showcasing some of the finest beats in the history of rock drumming.

2. Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)
As the founder of Black Sabbath, Bill Ward offers a distinct and darker drumming style that resonates with Neil Peart’s beats. A virtuoso in his own right, Ward stands as one of the most influential figures in the history of metal and rock drumming.

3. Carl Palmer (ELP, Asia)
With a shared history with Lee and Lifeson, Carl Palmer’s drumming prowess is well-established. Having been part of bands contemporaneous with Rush, Palmer is a recognized drummer with a formidable skill set.

4. Stewart Copeland (The Police)
Stewart Copeland, among the most accomplished drummers of his generation, brings a unique and successful approach to drumming. His distinctive style makes him a fitting second choice for those seeking a successor to Neil Peart.

5. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Flying Colors, Winery Dogs, etc.)
Mike Portnoy emerges as a strong contender, especially considering his drumming was influenced by Neil Peart himself. Co-founding Dream Theater in 1986, Portnoy’s playing style reflects similarities with RUSH, both in sound and technicality.

These five drummers stand out as possible Neil Peart replacements because they each have a distinct style and provide something special to the rock and metal genre.

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