5 Drug-Fueled Ozzy Osbourne Career Stories

5 Drug-Fueled Ozzy Osbourne Career Stories | Society Of Rock Videos

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Ozzy Osbourne stands as one of the rare heavy metal icons who successfully infiltrated mainstream popular culture. Beyond his tumultuous tenure as a rock singer, he has ventured into diverse realms, leaving an indelible mark on television and film. And, naturally, his narrative is adorned with the wild tapestry of drug-fueled escapades.

Brushes with Death during Sabbath Days
While many are aware of Ozzy’s wild stories from his solo career, his time with Black Sabbath holds untold tales of near-death experiences. In the fall of 1973, during the recording of ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ in Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire, Ozzy, along with Black Sabbath and another band, Necromandus, faced a perilous situation. After a pub visit in pouring rain, Ozzy, in a drunken state, inadvertently starts a fire in the castle. Unaware, he fell asleep, risking a tragic outcome.

Pastor, Hash Cake, and a Miraculous Escape
In the early 1970s, Ozzy was married to Thelma Riley, whose religious beliefs starkly contrasted with Ozzy’s rock-and-roll lifestyle. In a peculiar incident, Thelma unknowingly served a hash cake to their parish priest. The unsuspecting clergyman landed in the hospital in critical condition, surviving what some considered a miraculous escape.

Biting the Head off a Bat
Ozzy’s notoriety reached its peak during a 1982 concert in Des Moines, Iowa. A fan threw a dead bat onto the stage, and in a bizarre turn of events, Ozzy, thinking it was a toy, bit its head off during the performance. This macabre act solidified his reputation as the “prince of darkness.”

Alamo Incident: The Unintentional Desecration
Ozzy’s erratic behavior once led him to urinate on what he believed was just a dilapidated wall. Little did he know, it was the revered monument, “The Alamo.” This act resulted in his arrest, with a 10-year ban from entering San Antonio.

Grateful Grunge: Ozzy’s Unusual Birthday Celebration
Over three decades ago, Ozzy encountered a group of satanic fans adorned in black capes, worshiping the band with candles. In an unexpected twist, Ozzy expressed his gratitude by urinating on them, all while singing “Happy Birthday.” The fans embraced this eccentric gesture from the legendary frontman.

Ozzy Osbourne’s life reads like a series of outrageous chapters, each contributing to the enigma that is the “Prince of Darkness.” From near-death escapades to unconventional expressions of gratitude, Ozzy’s journey remains as chaotic and captivating as his music.

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