18-Years Ago, A Concert Venue Told KISS Not To Use Pyrotechnics—Here’s How They Responded

18-Years Ago, A Concert Venue Told KISS Not To Use Pyrotechnics—Here’s How They Responded | Society Of Rock Videos

Image by James Villa via OnTourMonthly

Never Tell KISS What To Do….

One impressive thing KISS has always been consistent with, are their live performances. The band has been known for using crazy pyrotechnics, lights, lasers and effects. All of these have become synonymous with the band show, and no KISS show is complete without them!

Back in 1999 KISS performed in Breman, Germany and were repeatedly warned by the fire marshall of the venue not to use pyrotechnics. Well, the idea of not using their explosives did not sit well with KISS, and guitarist Paul Stanley addressed the crowd to express his frustration.

He told the audience about the order, and the audience, of course, boo’d the fire marshall. Stanley then went on to say, “We brought all kinds of bombs, explosions, all kinds of smoke. But the fire marshal, the fire department, will not let us do it tonight!… I want you to know something. They can stop the bombs; they can stop the fire – but they cannot stop Kiss!” It was at that moment that the band went into their final song of the night, “Black Diamond.” During the last 30 seconds of the song, KISS decided to set off every explosive they brought at once for a ridiculous finale! The whole thing lasted about 30-seconds and is pretty epic to see!

However, Stanley explained: “We certainly do everything possible to make sure that the people most qualified are in charge. We are not the people who are most qualified. But we certainly have enough money to make sure that we can ensure, or as much as possible, the safety of people at the show and ourselves.”

Rumors about the punishment include the band being banned for life from the venue, or a hefty fine. But no one was hurt, and all we have is this epic footage of the performance that you can view down below! See it for yourself.

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