15 Unforgettable Things That Happened In The 1970s

15 Unforgettable Things That Happened In The 1970s | Society Of Rock Videos

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The groovy ’70s were a whirlwind of disco balls and changing times. While you may be reminiscing about bell-bottoms and peace signs, don’t forget these captivating moments that may have slipped through the time warp.

1. Diane Keaton and Warren Beatty’s Hollywood Fling
Diane Keaton and Warren Beatty’s romance in the late ’70s added some extra glitz to the era before they shared the screen in 1981’s Reds. The couple’s relationship was highly publicized and was a hot topic in Hollywood at the time.

2. The Magical Opening of Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World unlocked its gates in 1971, with 107 acres of enchantment and a staff of 5,500. This wonderland became an instant hit for kids of all ages, and its grand opening was a highly anticipated event.

3. Apple’s Game-Changing Apple II Debut
The Apple II took homes by storm in the ’70s, bringing computers to everyday life and laying the groundwork for the digital revolution. The Apple II was a game-changer, and its debut was a significant moment in the history of technology.

4. “Bridget Loves Bernie” Ruffles Feathers
TV’s Bridget Loves Bernie caught attention by showcasing an interfaith couple. The show sparkled, but some raised eyebrows due to its unique storyline, proving love knows no boundaries. The show’s portrayal of an interfaith couple was groundbreaking and challenged societal norms.

5. Betamax vs. VHS Battle Begins
Sony’s Betamax revolutionized home movie nights in 1975, only to be overshadowed by the VHS juggernaut two years later. The home video battle of the century had begun, and it was a significant moment in the history of home entertainment.

6. Ford Pinto’s Fiery Fiasco
Ford’s Pinto cars faced a heated issue – a design flaw led to fiery collisions. A recall ensued, reminding us that not every ride was smooth. The Pinto’s design flaw was a significant safety issue and led to a recall that affected many drivers.

7. Cher’s Unlikely Match with David Geffen
Cher found an ally in music mogul David Geffen. Their partnership helped her untangle from an unfair business deal, and together, they graced the 1974 Grammys with style. Cher’s partnership with David Geffen was a significant moment in her career and helped her gain control of her music.

8. HBO’s Humble Start
HBO kicked off with a forgotten film and a hockey game in 1971. Little did we know this humble beginning would blossom into the home of legendary series like Game of Thrones. HBO’s humble beginnings were a significant moment in the history of television, and the network has since become a powerhouse in the industry.

9. The Doors’ Brave Musical Step
After Jim Morrison’s passing, The Doors ventured into new territory with Other Voices – an ode to their rock legacy in the absence of their iconic frontman. The Doors’ decision to continue making music after Morrison’s death was a brave move and a significant moment in the history of rock music.

10. Funny Face’s Identity Shift
TV’s Funny Face evolved into The Sandy Duncan Show in 1971, marking an era of change. New faces and a new title signaled the end of a small-screen chapter. The show’s identity shift was a significant moment in the history of television and marked the end of an era.

11. Jessica Lange and Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Love Pas de Deux
Actress Jessica Lange twirled into romance with ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov. Their graceful partnership led to lasting memories and a daughter, Aleksandra. Lange and Baryshnikov’s love story was a significant moment in their personal lives and was highly publicized at the time.

12. Posthumous Tale of Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion”
J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary legacy lived on through his son Christopher’s dedication. The Silmarillion, published in 1977, expanded the magical universe he wove through The Lord of the Rings. The Silmarillion was a significant moment in the history of fantasy literature and expanded upon Tolkien’s beloved universe.

13. Space Invaders’ Arcade Invasion
Space Invaders lit up the arcades in the ’70s and set the stage for a gaming revolution that still resonates today. The game’s popularity was a significant moment in the history of video games and helped pave the way for the industry’s future success.

14. Punk Rock’s Rebellious Revolution
The punk movement marked an era of change, producing unforgettable music, fashion, and art. While disco shook hips, punk rattled cages with its raw energy, unique style, and defiant spirit. The punk movement was a significant moment in the history of music and culture.

15. MLB Players Swing for Better Pensions
In 1972, baseball players put down their gloves in a 13-day strike for improved pensions and healthcare. The owners caved, giving the Major League Baseball Players Association a big-league win. The strike was a significant moment in the history of sports and helped pave the way for better working conditions for athletes.

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