15 Most Expensive Guitars In Existence

15 Most Expensive Guitars In Existence | Society Of Rock Videos

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Guitars hold a unique allure, with some reaching astronomical values due to their history, players, and distinctive characteristics. Whether acquired for charity, investment, or personal collection, these instruments encapsulate the rich tapestry of musical heritage. While many are beyond the reach of most enthusiasts, exploring their stories is a fascinating journey.

Here are 15 of the most expensive guitars ever sold:

1. Eddie Van Halen’s Kramer ‘Frankenstrat’ Replica ($231,250)
This iconic Kramer guitar, gifted to a friend of Van Halen, garnered attention and soared in value posthumously, reflecting its esteemed place in rock history. Despite concerns from Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, about the auction, the guitar’s sale highlighted the enduring fascination with the musician’s legacy.

2. Rosewood Fender Telecaster by George Harrison ($434,750)
With its association with George Harrison and its appearances in seminal Beatles recordings, this Rosewood Telecaster epitomizes the intersection of music and cultural significance. Its sale price underscores the enduring appeal of Beatles memorabilia among collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

3. Eric Clapton Gold Leaf Strat ($455,000)
Crafted to commemorate Fender’s milestone, Eric Clapton’s gold leaf Stratocaster stands as a testament to both artistic expression and craftsmanship. Its sale not only underscores Clapton’s enduring influence but also highlights the allure of unique and commemorative instruments in the collector’s market.

4. 1965 Fender Stratocaster Burned by Jimi Hendrix ($560,000)
Jimi Hendrix’s act of setting this Stratocaster ablaze during a performance became emblematic of his revolutionary approach to music and performance art. The guitar’s journey from obscurity in a garage to the auction block exemplifies the mystique and value attached to artifacts of rock ‘n’ roll history.

5. Gibson SG by George Harrison and John Lennon ($570,000)
Used extensively by both George Harrison and John Lennon during the Beatles’ most prolific period, this Gibson SG embodies the spirit of innovation and experimentation in music. Its sale price reflects the enduring legacy of the Beatles and the profound impact their music continues to have on generations of fans.

6. 1958 Gibson Explorer Original ($611,000)
Initially overlooked upon its release, the 1958 Gibson Explorer has since become a coveted collector’s item, revered for its unique design and rarity. Its resurgence in popularity in the 1970s speaks to the evolving tastes of musicians and enthusiasts alike, cementing its status as an icon of rock ‘n’ roll.

7. 1965 Fender Stratocaster “Lenny” by Stevie Ray Vaughan ($623,000)
Given as a birthday gift from his wife, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Lenny” Stratocaster embodies the personal and professional significance of musical instruments to artists. Its modifications and extensive use in Vaughan’s performances add layers of history and emotion to its already impressive value on the market.

8. CF Martin & Co. Circa 1939 by Eric Clapton ($791,500)
Eric Clapton’s decision to sell this acoustic guitar to support a rehabilitation center underscores the power of music to effect positive change in communities. Its association with Clapton’s iconic “MTV Unplugged” performance further enhances its significance in both musical and philanthropic contexts.

9. Gibson ES0335 TDC by Eric Clapton ($847,500)
With a rich history spanning Clapton’s illustrious career, this Gibson ES0335 TDC serves as a tangible link to some of the most iconic moments in rock history. Its sale price reflects not only its intrinsic value as a high-quality instrument but also the profound impact of Clapton’s music on generations of listeners.

10. 1964 John Lennon’s Rose-Morris Rickenbacker 1996 ($910,000)
Commissioned to replace Lennon’s damaged guitar, this Rose-Morris Rickenbacker holds a unique place in the lore of the Beatles and their enduring cultural influence. Its distinct features and association with Lennon’s later work add layers of significance to its already substantial value in the collector’s market.

11. Jerry Garcia’s Doug Irwin Tiger ($957,500)
Crafted with innovative features by luthier Doug Irwin, the Tiger guitar served as Jerry Garcia’s primary instrument, contributing to the distinctive sound of the Grateful Dead. Its sale price reflects not only its exceptional craftsmanship but also the deep connection fans have with Garcia’s music and legacy.

12. “Blackie” by Eric Clapton ($959,500)
Assembled from handpicked Stratocaster parts, “Blackie” became synonymous with Eric Clapton’s bluesy sound and played a significant role in his musical journey. Its auctioning to fund a rehabilitation center demonstrates Clapton’s commitment to using his influence for social good, adding a poignant layer to its storied history.

13.1964 Bob Dylan’s “Newport Folk Festival” Stratocaster ($965,000)
Bob Dylan’s controversial transition to electric at the Newport Folk Festival marked a pivotal moment in music history, making this Stratocaster an emblem of artistic evolution. Its journey from obscurity to auction, intertwined with Dylan’s enigmatic persona, underscores the enduring fascination with cultural artifacts that shape our understanding of the past.

14. 1962 John Lennon’s Gibson J-160E: ($2.41 million)
Lost and rediscovered years later, this Gibson J-160E embodies the mystique and allure of rare musical instruments, particularly those associated with iconic figures like John Lennon. Its sale at auction, with proceeds benefiting charitable causes, serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Lennon’s music and his philanthropic legacy.

15. Reach Out to Asia Fender Stratocaster ($2.7 million)
Signed by an illustrious array of music legends, including Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, and Paul McCartney, this Fender Stratocaster stands as a symbol of solidarity and support for humanitarian causes. Its record-breaking sale at auction, with proceeds directed towards tsunami relief efforts, highlights the transformative power of music to unite people and effect positive change in the world.

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