10 Types Of Classic Rock Fans

10 Types Of Classic Rock Fans | Society Of Rock Videos


Which One Are You

Where would rockstars be without their fans? They’re not just there to buy and appreciate music. They even help inspire some of these artists – like Queen writing a song to make a call-and-response thing with the audience. But over the years, there have been different types of classic rock fans and we guarantee you that you personally know a few of these.

Please note, however, that this is all for fun. If you take it seriously, you lose.

10. The Faux Fan a.k.a. Poser


These are the people who wear t-shirts with Pantera, Slayer, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, or The Clash printed on them. But ask them to name any song from the band and they’d be at a loss for words.

9. The Mainstream Fan


They only know tracks that received heavy airplay on the radio or MTV. They like to refer to themselves as hardcore rock fans but don’t even know deep cuts from their “favorite artists”. In bands, they can only tell you the name of the most popular member – like the frontman or the guitarist.

8. The Stoner Fan


They love all things psychedelic and trippy. They don’t even need an acid trip to get high.

7. The Dedicated Fan


They’re the fiercest fans. They’ll fight you to death if you used a photo of their favorite band and captioned it all wrong.

6. The Groupie


Mostly in the 1960s, these are girls who followed rockstars around. It wasn’t all fruitless because some of them even pursued their own career in music.

5. The Discreet Fan


These are fans who don’t go around telling people what they listen to. From the get-go, it’s hard to tell they like rock. But when they go home, they put the speakers on max, and most likely plug in Black Sabbath.

4. The Overthinker


They like to believe everything has a deeper meaning. Like, the song can be straight-up about drugs but for them, it’s more than that.

3. The Melodramatic


They like to say “they don’t make music like this anymore” or “the good ole days when music was good.” They like to reminisce the golden age of rock ‘n roll and complain about how today’s music is insufferable. They love feeling nostalgic too.

2. The Purist


They want rock ‘n roll to stay pure. Anything experimental or any departure from what’s conventional is unwelcome. Even their favorite bands cannot escape their wrath once they change their styles and fuse rock with something else like punk or pop.

1. The Snob


For them, only classic rock is good and worthy of putting on repeat. The other songs and genres? They’re trash.

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