10 Times Brian Johnson Proved He’s The Right Frontman For AC/DC

10 Times Brian Johnson Proved He’s The Right Frontman For AC/DC | Society Of Rock Videos

KANSAS CITY, MO - FEBRUARY 28: Singer Brian Johnson of AC/DC performs at Sprint Center on February 28, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jason Squires/WireImage)

Brian Johnson’s tenure as the frontman of AC/DC is marked by electrifying performances, iconic songs, and a larger-than-life stage presence. With his gritty vocals and boundless energy, Johnson has solidified his place in rock history as one of the most dynamic and captivating frontmen of all time.

Let’s explore ten unforgettable moments where Brian Johnson proved he’s the perfect fit for AC/DC.

1. “You Shook Me All Night Long”
This iconic AC/DC hit the first single from Back in Black, still resonates loudly today. Brian Johnson drew inspiration from a TV sighting in the Bahamas to craft its unforgettable lyrics, proving his knack for creating memorable moments.

2. “Hells Bells”
Johnson’s electrifying performance during “Hells Bells,” often involving hanging himself on a rope while the bell tolled, sent crowds into a frenzy. The thunderstorm that inspired the song’s opening line epitomizes the raw energy he brought to the stage.

3. “Back in Black”
As a tribute to Bon Scott, Brian Johnson poured his soul into the title track of AC/DC’s seventh album, breathing new life into the band with his bluesy vocals.

4. “Shoot to Thrill”
Despite never being released as a single, Johnson’s rendition of “Shoot to Thrill” on Back in Black proved to be a standout, showcasing his commanding presence and power as a frontman.

5. “Let’s Get It Up”
With Johnson at the helm, AC/DC released “Let’s Get It Up,” a bold anthem that captured the attention of the rock world with its unapologetic energy and Johnson’s gritty vocals.

6. “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)”
Johnson’s explosive delivery of the anthem “For Those About to Rock” solidified his status as a rock icon, with his thunderous cries igniting the stage.

7. “Who Made Who”
Brian Johnson’s unexpected collaboration with Stephen King’s “Maximum Overdrive” yielded the anthemic “Who Made Who,” showcasing his versatility and adaptability as a vocalist.

8. “Thunderstruck”
Johnson’s vocals on “Thunderstruck” elevated the song to legendary status, with his electrifying performance becoming a staple at AC/DC concerts.

9. “Big Gun”
In “Big Gun,” Johnson’s vocals pay homage to AC/DC’s roots, infusing the track with a bluesy intensity that resonated with fans.

10. “Rock or Bust”
“Rock or Bust” epitomizes the camaraderie and spirit of AC/DC, with Johnson’s dynamic performance at the 2015 Grammy Awards highlighting his enduring impact as the band’s frontman.

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