10 Songs That Prove Wishbone Ash Deserve to Be Inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame

10 Songs That Prove Wishbone Ash Deserve to Be Inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame | Society Of Rock Videos

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Wishbone Ash stands as a beacon of progressive rock innovation, pioneering the dual guitar harmony that would influence countless acts that followed. With a journey that spans over five decades, marked by numerous lineup changes and a discography rich with rock anthems, they’ve etched an indelible mark on the musical landscape. This list highlights ten tracks that underscore their remarkable contribution to rock history.

Sometime World

This track from the legendary “Argus” album showcases Wishbone Ash’s knack for melding smooth transitions with complex musical arrangements. The song starts with a serene, contemplative opening before it gradually builds into a driving rock epic. It embodies the spirit of exploration that defined the early ’70s rock scene, with Martin Turner and Ted Turner weaving together harmonies that are as intricate as they are evocative.

That’s That

A standout moment where John Wetton’s distinctive vocal style brought a new dimension to Wishbone Ash’s sound on the “Number the Brave” album. This track highlights the band’s ability to evolve while maintaining the essence of their sound. It’s a powerful rock tune that combines memorable melodies with tight musicianship, proving that the band could still deliver the goods, even with significant lineup changes.

Something’s Happening In Room 602

This instrumental piece from “Nouveau Calls” provides a different look at the band’s abilities, showcasing their instrumental prowess. The absence of vocals puts the spotlight on the band’s compositional skills, allowing each instrument to tell its part of the story. It’s a refreshing detour from their usual style, reflecting their versatility and willingness to experiment.

Jail Bait

From the “Pilgrimage” album, this song encapsulates the raw energy of early Wishbone Ash. The track’s gritty riff and driving rhythm section set a backdrop for storytelling that’s both vivid and compelling. It’s a prime example of the band’s blend of blues-rock grooves and narrative songwriting that captures the excitement of the early days of rock.

Blind Eye

The debut album’s standout track, “Blind Eye”, showcases the band’s roots in blues while hinting at the progressive rock sound they would later develop. The combination of dual guitar harmonies and boogie-woogie piano provided by Matthew Fisher of Procol Harum adds layers of texture to the song. It’s a foot-tapping number that hints at the band’s future direction.

You See Red

This track from “No Smoke Without Fire” is a testament to Wishbone Ash’s overlooked gems. The main guitar riff, which intertwines the melodious with the powerful, serves as a reminder of the band’s skill in crafting songs that are both complex and catchy. It’s a powerful track that showcases their evolving sound in the late ’70s, marked by a memorable guitar solo that’s not to be missed.

So Many Things To Say

A highlight from “Wishbone Four”, this song is a testament to Wishbone Ash’s storytelling prowess. The track combines a compelling narrative with a melody that captures the band’s reflective and introspective side. It’s a piece that showcases their ability to weave stories through music, making it a memorable addition to their catalog.


The intricate guitar work on this track from “There’s The Rub” is a showcase of the band’s musicality. It’s a slow-burning piece that allows the guitar to sing, showcasing Laurie Wisefield’s talents as he takes the reins. The song is a journey in itself, exploring the depth of the band’s ability to create mood and atmosphere through their instruments.

The King Will Come

An anthemic track from “Argus”, this song demonstrates the band’s ability to craft epic tales within the confines of a rock song. The powerful opening riff sets the tone for a narrative that’s both grandiose and enveloping. It’s a showcase of the band’s knack for merging storytelling with musicianship, creating a sound that’s both expansive and engaging.

Blowin’ Free / Time Was

These tracks encapsulate the essence of Wishbone Ash’s versatility, melding various rock genres to produce something truly unique. “Blowin’ Free” with its catchy melody and “Time Was” with its intricate composition showcase the band’s ability to transcend traditional rock boundaries. Together, they represent the peak of Wishbone Ash’s creative powers, blending rock, blues, and elements of progressive rock to create timeless classics.

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