10 Musicians Injured While Playing Onstage

10 Musicians Injured While Playing Onstage | Society Of Rock Videos

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Being a rockstar is no cakewalk! In this compilation, we’ll explore heart-stopping incidents where musicians narrowly escaped tragedy while performing live or on tour. From Ariana Grande to Keith Moon and beyond, here are the top 10 times musicians stared danger in the face:

10. Ariana Grande’s Lift Mishap
During her Honeymoon Tour in 2015, a stage lift malfunctioned, nearly crushing Ariana Grande. Quick action from her guitarists saved her from serious harm.

9. Michael Jackson’s Fiery Accident
While shooting a Pepsi commercial, Michael Jackson’s hair caught fire due to intense pyrotechnics, resulting in severe scalp burns and requiring surgery.

8. Curtis Mayfield’s Outdoor Tragedy
A stormy outdoor concert turned disastrous in 1990 when part of the lighting rig collapsed, leaving Curtis Mayfield paralyzed below the neck.

7. The Montreux Inferno
Deep Purple’s recording session was interrupted when a flare gun ignited a fire at a casino in Montreux, Switzerland, forcing them to find a new venue and inspiring their hit “Smoke on the Water.”

6. James Hetfield’s Pyrotechnic Blunder
During a 1992 concert, Metallica’s James Hetfield accidentally walked into flames, suffering serious burns, and sparking a riot among disappointed fans.

5. Delain’s Glitter Cannon Mishap
Otto Schimmelpennick van der Oije endured a painful shot from a glitter cannon during a performance, leading to a hospital visit and surgery for a ruptured testicle.

4. Nick Lowe’s Electrocution Scare
Nick Lowe narrowly escaped death when he was saved from an electrified mic stand by a bandmate during a pub rock show.

3. Tiny Tim’s Fatal Heart Attacks
Ignoring medical advice, Tiny Tim suffered a fatal heart attack onstage shortly after surviving one during a performance at a ukulele festival.

2. Bill Berry’s Brain Aneurysm
During R.E.M.’s tour in 1995, drummer Bill Berry collapsed onstage due to a brain aneurysm, leading to canceled shows and a frightening moment for the band and fans.

1. Keith Moon’s Unforgettable Collapse
During The Who’s Quadrophenia Tour, Keith Moon collapsed twice from substance use, prompting a fan from the audience to step in and finish the set.

These hair-raising incidents remind us of the perilous nature of live performances and the resilience of musicians in the face of danger. Behind the glitz and glamour of the stage lie moments of vulnerability and bravery, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between life and death. Yet, despite the risks, musicians continue to captivate audiences worldwide, driven by their passion for music and the thrill of the spotlight.

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