10 Greatest Songs Only Glenn Frey Can Sing

10 Greatest Songs Only Glenn Frey Can Sing | Society Of Rock Videos

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When Glenn Frey passed away on January 18, it marked the end of an era for the Eagles, the iconic rock band he co-founded alongside Don Henley. Their partnership, as leaders and principal songwriters, played a pivotal role in making the Eagles one of the greatest rock groups in history.

Frey’s musical legacy, both with the Eagles and as a solo artist, continues to resonate with fans worldwide. Here, we celebrate the timeless songs that define his remarkable career.

1. “You Belong to the City” (Single, 1985)
One of Frey’s standout solo tracks, “You Belong to the City,” gained fame as part of the hit TV series Miami Vice. This moody and atmospheric song, released in 1985, reached the number two spot on the US charts.

2. “Peaceful Easy Feeling” (Eagles, Eagles, 1972)
“Peaceful Easy Feeling” was a defining song on the Eagles’ debut album. Although not written by the band, this Jack Tempchin composition became a beloved Eagles classic, beautifully sung by Frey.

3. “Part of Me, Part of You” (Strange Weather, 1992)
This gem from Frey’s solo career, “Part of Me, Part of You,” embodies classic Americana and was featured in the iconic road trip movie “Thelma & Louise.”

4. “Heartache Tonight” (Eagles, The Long Run, 1979)
Following the immense success of “Hotel California,” the Eagles needed another chart-topper in 1979, and they found it in the rock anthem “Heartache Tonight.” Co-written by Frey, Henley, J.D. Souther, and Bob Seger, this hit single reached number one in the US.

5. “Ol’ 55” (Eagles, On The Border, 1974)
“Ol’ 55” was a standout track on the Eagles’ 1974 album, On The Border. Written by Tom Waits, the Eagles’ rendition featured Frey and Henley sharing lead vocals, complemented by glorious harmonies.

6. “The Heat Is On” (The Allnighter, 1984)
Thanks in part to its inclusion in the popular film “Beverly Hills Cop,” “The Heat Is On” continues to be one of Frey’s most famous solo songs and a classic rock song from the 1980s.

7. “Tequila Sunrise” (Eagles, Desperado, 1973)
“Tequila Sunrise,” a mellow and bittersweet song from the Eagles’ Desperado album, became an enduring classic. Frey’s pitch-perfect lead vocals added to the song’s timeless appeal.

8. “Lyin’ Eyes” (Eagles, One Of These Nights, 1975)
Featured on the album One Of These Nights, “Lyin’ Eyes” climbed to number two on the US charts in 1975. The song’s lyrics drew inspiration from the LA bar scene and were performed with the wisdom of an old soul by Frey.

9. “Take It Easy” (Eagles, Eagles, 1972)
As the Eagles’ debut single, “Take It Easy” remains the quintessential country-rock song even after more than four decades. Co-written by Frey and Jackson Browne, it’s a song that resonates with fans worldwide.

10. “New Kid In Town” (Eagles, Hotel California, 1976)
Glenn Frey’s masterpiece, “New Kid In Town,” stands as a testament to the Eagles’ motto, “Song Power.” It’s a beautiful and poignant reflection on the fleeting nature of fame. The song’s captivating melody, profound lyrics, and Frey’s emotive delivery make it an enduring classic and a fitting tribute to his musical legacy.

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