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10 Deep Tracks by Atomic Rooster | Society Of Rock Videos


The song demonstrates the band’s ability to write songs that connect with listeners on a global scale, breaking down barriers and winning hearts.

Atomic Rooster, a band that marked its territory in the progressive rock world, proves to be one of those shimmering gems that deserve a spotlight. Originating from the remnants of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster carved out a niche for themselves, releasing a string of influential albums in the early ’70s. Despite being more celebrated in the United Kingdom, their sound resonated with the essence of classic rock globally.

The band went through several lineup changes but always remained anchored by Vincent Crane’s innovative keyboard compositions, distinguishing them within the rock genre. As we navigate through the evolution of rock, uncovering tracks that colored the landscapes of their time, we shall delve into 10 deep tracks by Atomic Rooster that not only defined their sound but also showcased their unwavering place in rock history.

#10 – Break The Ice

“Break The Ice” stands out as an energetic piece from their third album, carrying the signature Atomic Rooster sound forward. Released in 1971, this album shows the band at a creative peak, with a solid lineup that could articulate Crane’s complex compositions beautifully. The track is a showcase of powerful vocals, dynamic guitars, and Crane’s compelling keyboard work. It carries a vibrancy that makes it impossible not to nod along to its rhythm.

#9 – Time Take My Life

Moving away from their progressive rock roots, “Time Take My Life” from their fourth album hints at the band’s experimentation with different sounds. This track still retains the essence of Atomic Rooster’s musical depth, with a more pronounced emphasis on melody and lyrical storytelling. The shift isn’t drastic but shows the band’s willingness to explore and not remain static within one genre.

#8 – Gershatzer

A piece that exemplifies Atomic Rooster’s mastery in composing progressive rock anthems. Featured in the “Death Walks Behind You” album, “Gershatzer” is a track that showcases the powerful synergy between Crane, Du Cann, and Hammond. Their instrumental prowess creates a soundscape that is not only complex but emotionally gripping. This track is a journey through varying tempos and moods, encapsulating the listener in the essence of early ’70s rock experimentation.

#7 – Black Snake

Situated within their definitive albums, “Black Snake” opens the second side of the vinyl with a compelling narrative woven through music. The song’s flow from tranquil moments to powerful crescendos exemplifies the band’s ability to control and manipulate the energy of their compositions, captivating listeners without relying on mainstream formulas.

#6 – Friday 13th

Marking the beginning of their discography, “Friday 13th” from the debut album introduces listeners to Atomic Rooster’s early sound. It’s a track that radiates with the enthusiasm and raw energy of a band setting out to make their mark. The song encapsulates the essence of ’70s rock with engaging keyboard segments, dynamic drumming, and an overall zest that’s hard to ignore.

#5 – A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down

An intriguingly titled track from their album “In Hearing of Atomic Rooster”, it showcases the band’s penchant for blending intricate instrumental work with catchy melodies. This piece, in particular, emphasizes the playful yet skillful approach to music that made Atomic Rooster stand out in a crowded scene. The live version adds another layer of energy and spontaneity to the already dynamic composition.

#4 – Breakthrough

The instrumental and vocal prowess of Atomic Rooster comes to the forefront in “Breakthrough”. From the same influential album as “A Spoonful Of Bromide…”, this track is a perfect encapsulation of the band’s innovative approach to rock music. The synergy between Crane’s keyboards and the guitars creates an exhilarating listening experience, demonstrating the band’s ability to craft songs that are both technically proficient and emotionally resonant.

#3 – Devil’s Answer

Perhaps one of Atomic Rooster’s most renowned tracks, “Devil’s Answer” offers a catchy, radio-friendly vibe while not sacrificing the complexity the band is known for. Its success in the UK charts speaks to its widespread appeal. The song features compelling lyrics and a memorable riff that stays with you long after the music stops. It represents a moment in time when Atomic Rooster bridged the gap between underground prog rock and mainstream success.

#2 – Death Walks Behind You

Title track of the band’s seminal album, “Death Walks Behind You” captures the quintessence of Atomic Rooster’s sound. It’s a song that combines haunting melodies with a foreboding atmosphere, creating a profound listening experience. The track’s intense themes and compelling instrumentation showcase the band’s unique ability to merge the dark with the beautiful, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

#1 – Tomorrow Night

Rounding off with “Tomorrow Night”, we encounter Atomic Rooster’s most successful single. This track managed to capture the essence of rock and roll groove, blending catchy melodies with substantial rock elements that make it timeless. Its success on the UK Singles Chart proved that Atomic Rooster had the ability to appeal to a wide audience without compromising on their musical integrity. The song demonstrates the band’s ability to write songs that connect with listeners on a global scale, breaking down barriers and winning hearts.

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