10+ Animals That Totally Look Like Your Favorite Rock Legends

10+ Animals That Totally Look Like Your Favorite Rock Legends | Society Of Rock Videos

(L) Max Mumby/Indigo / Getty (R) Tim Graham / Getty

Cannot. Be. Unseen.

Oh come on – you’ve seen ’em, right? Those unique animals that have a shocking, and in some cases, seriously frightening resemblance to your favorite rockstars? If not, you’re in luck!

From Mick Jagger to cows that look suspiciously like a certain member of KISS, we’ve got em: 15 rockstars and their adorable animal Doppelgängers that are so damned convincing that you’ll catch yourself asking, “Wait – which one’s the rockstar?”


1. This sphinx cat that totally looks like Mick Jagger

(L) Dave Hogan / Getty (R) Giorgio Cosulich / Getty

As he’s aged, Mick Jagger has taken on a striking resemblance to a sphynx point cat, or better known as a hairless cat. The resemblance really shows in the eyes and the wrinkles, but at least Jagger has some hair on the top of his head.

2. The newborn calf that looks suspiciously like Gene Simmons

(L) Hill Country Visitor / Facebook, (R) Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

KISS lunchboxes, KISS coffins, KISS pinball machines and now…KISS cows? We have questions, Gene. So many questions.

3. Can we talk about the lurcher that looks like David Bowie for a second?


David Bowie’s signature different colored eyes were just one of the many handsome features that set him apart from the others and made him the heartthrob that he was. Needless to say, this lurcher has those same eyes set on stealing our hearts.

4. Adorable sheep serving serious Stevie Nicks vibes

(L) Pintrest (R) blog.loveknitting.com

Back in the day, Stevie Nicks’ hair in the 70’s totally looked like a goat with her long curly locks. Her hairstyle has undergone many changes throughout the years, but back in the day, her perm made her look just like an adorable goat.

5. The mustached little guy that looks like David Crosby

(L) davidcrosby.com / (R) pinterest.com

If there’s ever a CSNY reunion that David Crosby doesn’t want to be a part of… they know who to call.

6. Then there’s the pony that’s channeling Jon Bon Jovi…

(L) yesilovebonjovi / Tumblr, (R) itsfunny.org/hes-rocked-them-all/

Like his namesake, Jon Bon Pony’s seen a million faces – and he’s rocked ’em all!


7. …And the lion that bears a serious resemblance to Dave Mustaine

(L) Dave Etheridge-Barnes / Getty (R) Tim Graham / Getty

Dave Mustaine hides behind his long locks, and his roaring voice makes him look just like a majestic lion in the African savannah.

8. This adorable little dude channeling Neil Young

(L) discogs.com / (R) moderndogmagazine.com

“Old dog, look at your life…see that you’re a really good boy…”

9. The cat that raided John Lennon’s closet

(L) http://atruegentlemen.blogspot.com/2010/08/essential-style-preview-john-lennon-ray.html, (R) http://www.zastavki.com/eng/Animals/Cats/wallpaper-32992.htm

If this little guy starts singing “Imagine,” I’m running for the hills. Or my phone, so I can record it and make him famous. Y’know – whichever comes first.

 10. An emu that looks a little too much like Rod Stewart

(L) Max Mumby/Indigo / Getty (R) Tim Graham / Getty

Rod Stewart totally looks like an emu. I mean seriously, look at his hair! The amazing thing about this picture, is that they both have the same look on their face. We can honestly barely tell the difference!

11. The bulldog that looks like Noel Gallagher


If I could ever meet Noel Gallagher in person and ask him just one question…that question would be, “Who’s a good boy?”

12. Stylish horse with the rockin’ 90s-era Anthony Kiedis hair

(L) Kourtlyn Smith / Pinterest, (R) @JamesAWilson.WIWSPhotography / Facebook

Long, gently tousled locks, brooding dark eyes and a body like you wouldn’t believe…and that’s just the horse! Wait – who’d you think we meant? Red Hot Chili Peppers heartthrob Anthony Kiedis?

 13. The llama formerly known as Prince

(L) Prince / YouTube, (R) @ravisomaiya / Twitter

He asked us to use his symbol, but we’re not entirely sure how to draw the symbol for a llama spitting.

14. Baboon that’s doing a mean Steven Tyler impression

(L) Gazette Review / Pinterest (R) Highwaychili / YouTube

When he’s belting it out on stage with that amazing voice, Steven Tyler gives off a striking resemblance to a baboon. Although we’re pretty positive Steven has a much better voice, and is far more good looking!

15. This girl’s dog that looks JUST like shock rocker Alice Cooper



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