B.B. King Mesmerizes Audience With “Blues Man”

B.B. King Mesmerizes Audience With “Blues Man” | Society Of Rock Videos

I’m A Blues Man But A Good Man!

Quick warning: this will make you miss B.B. more and will give you some major feels. It’s one of those videos with a close, intimate view and it looks as though you’re there during the performance — listening and watching him live. And it’s kind of bittersweet. Nevertheless, the thought that B.B. will continue to live on through his music is his gift to all of us.

This particular song, “Blues Man” was written by B.B. King. It was released on October 20, 1998 for his thirty sixth studio album “Blues on the Bayou.” It even bagged the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album in 2000.


In the CD liner notes, B.B. King writes: “Of the many records Lucille and I have had the pleasure of recording over the years, this one is especially close to my heart. It’s also one of the most relaxed and, for me, satisfying.”

B.B. has it all — talent, charisma and showmanship. He’s the real deal. There will never be anyone like him.


I’ve traveled for miles around
It seems like everybody wanna put me down
Because I’m a blues man
But I’m a good man, understand

I went down to the bus station
Looked up on the wall
My money was too light, people
Couldn’t go nowhere at all
I’m a blues man
But a good man, understand

The burdens that I carry are so heavy, you see
It seems like it ain’t nobody in this great big world
That would wanna help old B
But I will be all right, people
Just give me a break
Good things come to those who wait
And I’ve waited a long time
I’m a blues man but a good man, understand

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