21 Songs From 70s You’ll Never Forget The Lyrics To

21 Songs From 70s You’ll Never Forget The Lyrics To | Society Of Rock Videos

Ah the 70’s!

The era of the changing generation. Though it may have been a time of war, political and racial anxieties, civil unrest, and many more important social issues, it was also when the emergence of classic rock music came to be. The core of the previous decade was about fighting in a revolution on many things, including music. Transitioning into the 70’s brought about about a bridge into a kind of music that is reminiscent of the revolutionary 60’s and establishing new roots into a changing society. The 70’s is a very memorable era in music, thus lyrics to some iconic songs of the decade are pretty hard to forget. Considering that the first karaoke machine was invented a year before 1970, classic rock songs have also become relatively easier to sing-along to.
Check out some unforgettable song lyrics to some of the most memorable songs of the 70’s below. Don’t be surprised if you find your self singing along!

21) “And we’ll keep on fighting…to the eeeeend!”

We Are The Champions – Queen (1977)

Declared by scientific research as the most “sing-along-able” song there is, it’s no wonder why it seems everybody knows the lyrics to Queen’s 70’s rock anthem “We Are The Champions”. Scientists have proven that this Queen classic hit is the catchiest song of all time after observing thousands of volunteers subjects sing along to a thousand songs. It seems that “We Are The Champions” ticked off all the four key elements needed for a song to be “catchy”. These elements include:  long and detailed musical phrases, multiple pitch changes in a song’s ‘hook’, male vocalists and higher male voices ala Freddie Mercury. That’s why it is so much fun to belt out the chorus of this song whenever we hear it, no matter where we are, or how old (or young) we get. The song is so successful, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and was voted the world’s favorite song in 2005. 

20) “Whisper words of wisdom”

Let It Be – The Beatles (1970)

One of The Beatles’ greatest songs of all time, “Let It Be” was the final single the fab four released as a band before Paul McCartney announced he was leaving the band for good. It can be thought of as The Beatles’ “break up song” if you may. Because the lyrics of the chorus just repeats the words of the title, the song as a whole isn’t hard to memorize. In addition to that, the meaning of the song not only reiterates an old Liverpudlian saying to simply “leave things alone” or “let things flow on its own”, it’s also resonant of the band’s fall out during the making of this record. Inspired by a dream McCartney had of his mother named Mary offering solace to him in his time of trouble, “Let It Be” would be the last song he would pen for the band. In times of trouble and anxiety, singing this song sure makes us feel that everything will turn out okay.

19) “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one…”

Imagine- John Lennon (1971)


John Lennon’s  best-selling single of his solo career “Imagine” is a song that’s already transcended its own popularity. It’s also one of the most iconic and meaningful lyrics of all time. Lennon encourages the listener to imagine a world without divisions, without barriers, without attachment to material possessions of the world. The strong political message has touched many audiences who were seeking the same peace for the world during a time of global political war and turmoil. In 2002, this came in #2 in a poll by Guinness World Records as Britain’s favorite single of all time. It lost to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. As beautiful as the worlds and music of this song are, it was actually very controversial. Lennon, self-declared instinctive socialist, admitted that the song was “virtually a communist manifesto, even though I’m not a communist and do not belong to any movement.”


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