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Baba O’Riley or Teenage Wasteland?

Baba O’ Riley” almost always referred to as “Teenage Wasteland“, was originally written for Pete Townshed’s Lifehouses project, that was to be a follow-up to The Who’s 1969 rock opera, Tommy.

The first few times I sat down to watch Tommy, I had so many different opinions. It was intriguing, uncomfortable, and different than anything I had seen at the time of its release- besides maybe Phantom of the Paradise (now a cult film). The Who was always pushing the limits, and this musical was no exception.

I love the energy these guys give off. They are so present in every one of their performances. I think this may be one of the best live recordings of these guys that I have ever seen…

Baba O’riley fun facts!

  • This is the first song on Who’s Next, the most successful album of The Who’s career. Although this is one of the most popular Who songs, it was never released as a single in America or the UK.
  • This marked one of the first times a synthesizer was used to form the rhythm of a song. Until then, just about everyone using a synthesizer was using it as a lead instrument
  • Although Townsend’s keyboard playing is brilliant, it’s not quite what it seems. When the song was recorded, the band’s newly purchased Lowry organ came with a special feature: a pedal that, when depressed, would repeat each note played three times in succession.


+Baba O’riley lyrics below+

Out here in the fields
I fight for my meals
I get my back into my living
I don’t need to fight
To prove I’m right
I don’t need to be forgiven
Don’t cry
Don’t raise your eye
It’s only teenage wasteland

Sally ,take my hand
Travel south crossland
Put out the fire
Don’t look past my shoulder
The exodus is here
The happy ones are near
Let’s get together
Before we get much older

Teenage wasteland
It’s only teenage wasteland
Teenage wasteland
Oh, oh
Teenage wasteland
They’re all wasted!

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