The Songs Tom Petty Never Played Live

The Songs Tom Petty Never Played Live | Society Of Rock Videos

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Tom Petty didn’t achieve massive commercial success like some of his peers, but he was one of rock ‘n roll’s most reliable and consistent artists. He had quite a colorful career too. He released over a dozen studio albums with the Heartbreakers, along with three solo LPs and other side projects.

Let’s take a look at ten songs that he never played live.

1. Between Two Worlds

“That’s a good example of the Heartbreakers as a live group, just finding their way,” Petty noted. And although he never played it live, Mike Campbell covered it live with his band the Dirty Knobs.

2. You Tell Me

It’s catchy, and would’ve been a great live number.

3. Magnolia

This could’ve easily been a staple in his setlist. It’s wonderful like that.

4. Grew Up Fast

It’s the electric piano solo that blew us away.

5. You Can Still Change Your Mind

The studio version featured Stevie Nicks on backing vocals.

“I thought it sounded like something that could have been in the Beach Boys’ catalog somewhere,” Petty explained on Conversations With Tom Petty. “Very different from what we normally do.”

6. A Self-Made Man

Before collaborating with Johnny Cash, Petty said that Cash briefly considered covering this track. It would’ve been amazing he did.

7. Won’t Last Long

Petty was a prolific songwriter. He’d written dozens of songs, and so it came as no surprise that he actually forgot some. This is one of them. “I have no memory of writing it,” he once admitted. “I thought, ‘What a cool song.’ … It was such an odd feeling when it came on, because I was listening to it really as somebody who was hearing it for the first time.”

8. Ways to Be Wicked

Years after this was written and recorded, it was neither played live nor featured on an album. That’s pretty sad, because it’s actually good. It may not be on the same level as his greatest hits, but it would’ve been great if we heard him perform this at one of his concerts at least once.

9. The Trip to Pirate’s Cove

With a touch of R&B, it’s different from his usual upbeat songs but still addicting to listen to.

10. Red River

“Red River” was featured on Petty’s final studio album with the Heartbreakers, “Hypnotic Eye”.

“(‘Red River’) is not quite that deep,” Petty told USA Today. “I was having fun with the idea of this girl trying to find whatever it is she’s looking for, and she’s not sure what that is.”

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