The Greatest Women Rockstars Of The ’70s

The Greatest Women Rockstars Of The ’70s | Society Of Rock Videos

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Hail The Queens

Rock ‘n roll wouldn’t be the same without these women. It was a world dominated by men but these queens didn’t just break into mainstream and become household names, they also paved the way for other females to pursue their passion in music and be just as badass as their male counterparts.

The following rockers helped change and shape the sound of rock. From their vocals and style to their songwriting, their contribution to rock is invaluable.

10. Chrissie Hynde

The Pretenders’ founder and frontwoman, her charisma and strong stage presence are no joke. She stood out easily.

9. Suzi Quatro

Not just any other rocker, Suzi Quatro is a legendary bass guitarist too. She’s been in the music scene since the mid-’60s but it wasn’t until the ’70s when she finally got her big break.

8. Janis Joplin

She died in 1970 but her influence on other female rockstars cannot be stated enough. From Stevie Nicks to the Wilson sisters, she was a real trailblazer.

7. Patti Smith

Her 1975 debut album Horses became an instant classic. She’s an influential figure in punk rock.

6. Grace Slick

With a career spanning four decades, she “arrived” at the rock ‘n roll scene in the mid-’60s and had a hand in the shaping of psychedelic music. More than a rockstar, she’s also an activist who knew how to use her platform to shed light on important issues.

5. Joni Mitchell

She’s hailed as one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time and we can’t agree more. She’s received numerous awards and has several enduring classic hits. Her 1971 album Blue was an absolute game-changer.

4. Stevie Nicks

After joining Fleetwood Mac with Lindsey Buckingham in 1975, she proved that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her vocals and songwriting skills impressed fans and critics.

3. Joan Jett

The Godmother of Punk founded The Runaways in the mid-70s but it wasn’t until the ’80s when she achieved global recognition and fame.

2. Pat Benatar

She went from being a bank teller to a rockstar with several musical masterpieces under her belt.

1. Ann and Nancy Wilson

It’s not every day you get to see rockstars launching a successful comeback – the Wilson sisters did just that. They achieved success in the mid-70s and suffered through some commercial decline. But they got their second shot at fame in the mid-80s.

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