The 7 Biggest Classic Rock Bands Sellouts

The 7 Biggest Classic Rock Bands Sellouts | Society Of Rock Videos

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In the rock and roll community, performers who abandon their distinctive sound in an attempt to gain mainstream recognition are frequently viewed with suspicion. Here is the development of 7 enduring great rock groups:

1. Genesis
The renowned double concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, released by Genesis more than 40 years ago, signaled the end of an era with Peter Gabriel. But following Gabriel’s departure, their next album, Invisible Touch, featured a more mainstream sound. Though it appeared necessary for their sustained success, this transition generated discussions regarding creative decisions.

2. Guns N’ Roses
The departure of nearly all original members left Axl Rose as the sole remaining force behind Guns N’ Roses. The album Chinese Democracy disappointed fans, straying from the band’s earlier style. The change marked a significant departure from the raw energy of their initial two albums.

3. David Bowie
Regarded as a British rock legend, David Bowie faced criticism for his late ’80s and ’90s music, considered by some as a departure from his roots. Despite initial dissatisfaction, Bowie responded with the albums The Next Day and Blackstar, earning acclaim as his finest works before his passing.

4. Yes
In the ’80s, internal conflicts led original members of Yes to part ways. Chris Squire and Alan White formed the pop-oriented band CINEMA, aiming to appeal to the US market. Upon Tony Kaye’s return, they reverted to the name YES, disappointing fans who longed for the prog-rock style of their earlier work like the 1971 album Fragile.

KISS stands out as one of the most iconic sell-out bands in rock history. Their sole focus on wealth and fame showcased unmatched marketing skills. While criticisms abound, their impact on mainstream music cannot be denied.

6. Metallica
Metallica faced discontent from fans when their pursuit of commercial success led to a departure from their thrash metal roots. Albums like Load and Re-Load transformed the band into a multi-million dollar corporate entity, prioritizing mainstream appeal over genre loyalty.

7. Aerosmith
Aerosmith’s journey to mainstream success began with collaborations like the one with Run D.M.C. and continued with popular videos for songs like “Crazy” and “Cryin’.” The pinnacle of their commercial success was the soundtrack for Armageddon, featuring the iconic “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” While some fans may have reservations, the undeniable greatness of the song left a lasting impact on mainstream music.

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