The 10 Craziest Guitar Riffs Ever Made By Led Zeppelin

The 10 Craziest Guitar Riffs Ever Made By Led Zeppelin | Society Of Rock Videos

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One of the reasons why Led Zeppelin went straight to the proverbial top of rock ‘n roll is Jimmy Page. His passion for his craft is simply unmatched. When he’s not producing their songs or playing face-melting solos in concerts, he’s busy creating monster riffs.

Some haters say he’s way overrated but he’s far from it. At a time when there were numerous bands vying to be the best, he stepped up their game with his irresistible and iconic riffs. Only a virtuoso could come up with them and play them seamlessly.

10. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”

It’s slick and flat-out dramatic.

9. “Good Times, Bad Times”

Honestly, there’s no less-than-stellar riff when it comes to Led Zeppelin but some just leave that impression on you. Just like this.

8. “Moby Dick”

We know John Bonham’s drum solo took center stage but that’s not to say the riffs aren’t just as monstrous.

7. “Communication Breakdown”

One of their heaviest riffs ever. It helped set the stage for other epic, insane riffs to follow.

6. “The Ocean”

It sounds simple until you try it yourself.

5. “Immigrant Song”

Three minutes of musical perfection. Even with the nonsense lyrics, the riffs are menacing and it basically wraps everything up nicely.

4. “Heartbreaker”

That groove is pure menace. It doesn’t overwhelm your senses but still otherworldly.

3. “Black Dog”

It’s dazzling. Other guitarists can only wish they came up with this behemoth.

2. “Kashmir”

Eight minutes of undiluted guitar goodness. Peppered with Eastern flavor, it’s highly ambitious but Page delivers the goods.

1. “Whole Lotta Love”

Hypnotic and complex, it remains as their most iconic riff and for good reason. Listening to it, you wouldn’t know what hit you.

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