Stevie Ray Vaughan Does “Tightrope” LIVE

Stevie Ray Vaughan Does “Tightrope” LIVE | Society Of Rock Videos

“Tightrope” is a Stevie Ray Vaughan jam that fans adore. Man, those strings are so heavy and he just goes OFF in this one. You can’t help but feel like bobbing your head like with most SRV songs. Here we have a fusion of some rock n’ roll mixed with some blues that just make this song sound oh so right.

This particular video clip is from the DVD Live From Austin Texas and if you only know one thing about Stevie, it’s that he was a proud Texan! Here he performs with love from the audience, and kills it with Double Trouble.

The song talks about the woes of being in hot water, trying to catch a turtle in a rat race, which seems to be dealing some kind of personal struggle.

Did You Know?

Stevie would use plenty of different vintage guitars and amps that would contribute to his signature style. One things that you might notice is that he used heavy strings for the pickups on his Stratocaster. He wasn’t even picky when came to the actual brand of string, just as long as they were thick and heavy – just the way he liked them!

+ Tightrope lyrics +

Caught up in a whirlwind, can’t catch my breath.
Knee deep in hot water, broke out in cold sweat.
Can’t catch a turtle, in this rat race.
Feels like I’m losing, at a breakneck pace.

Afraid of my own shadow, in the face of grace.
Heart full of darkness, spotlight on my face.
There was love all around me, but I was looking for revenge.
Thank God it never found me, would have been the end.

Walkin’ the tight rope, steppin on my friends
Walkin’ the tight rope, was a shame and a sin.
Walkin’ the tight rope, between wrong and right.
Walkin’ the tight rope, both day and night. (Solo)

Lookin’ back in front of me, in the mirror’s grin.
Through eyes of love I see, I’m really lookin at a friend
We’ve had all our problems, that’s the way life is.
My heart goes out to others, who are there to make amends.

(Walkin’ the tightrope) Trying to make it right
Every day and every night
Bring it all around.
From the lost to found.
Streched around the world.
Save the boys and girls.
Let’s make it right.
Do it, do it tonight.
Walkin the tightrope

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