Extremely Smart Bird Solves Puzzle, Amazes Everyone

Extremely Smart Bird Solves Puzzle, Amazes Everyone | Society Of Rock Videos

This Is Not What You’d Expect From A Bird!

The intelligence of animals is always of interest to me. Therefore, whoever has the patience to conduct these kinds of studies have my respect. It’s not easy observing the behavior of animals for months on end and even more so, conducting tests for their problem solving abilities. Incredible, I’m in awe with both the crow and the doctor. The way the crow stops to think, re-consider and analyze is too amazing. He’s definitely smarter than me on mornings. No, scratch that. He’s way smarter than me on most days. 🙂

Admittedly, that was a pretty tough sequence to follow considering he doesn’t fully understand the mechanisms. Towards the end of that video, I only had one though: “How did the crow figure all that out?” I guess this experiment can now give a new meaning to the term “bird brain” right? Absolutely clever. Even if he was trained, that was a pretty long sequence and only a highly intelligent creature can remember what’s next to what and how to do it.

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