Santana feat. Everlast – ‘Put Your Lights On’

Santana feat. Everlast – ‘Put Your Lights On’ | Society Of Rock Videos

Everlast Goes Supernatural

I can’t get over just how much I love Supernatural by Santana. Honestly – I don’t think there’s anything I disliked on that album, and my favorite track is definitely ‘Put Your Lights On’, featuring Everlast. It’s a slower Latin ballad, accompanied by a sudden key change and heavy rock guitar added in at the bridge.

Santana has an amazing way of merging big voices with his guitar sound; the perfect match of masculine and feminine, Everlast’s voice and Santana’s guitar are a gorgeous duo!

‘Put Your Lights On’ is about watching out for the monsters under our beds and shining a light on them. It could be sex, drugs, or anything seeking to destroy us.

Fitting, considering both Santana and Everlast are extremely spiritual people who got rid of their own monsters under their beds. In fact, the last verse of ‘Put Your Lights On’ features a Muslim prayer recited by Everlast – who converted to Islam shortly before the song was released:

“La Ilaha Il Allah,” which translates to “There is only Allah.”

We love the blend of cultures and faiths that Santana incorporates into his music! Surely this song will resonate with you, too!

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