Sammy Hagar Invites David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen To Tour

Sammy Hagar Invites David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen To Tour | Society Of Rock Videos

via The Howard Stern Show / Youtube

Sammy Hagar announces new tour, invites David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen to join him.

On the most recent episode of The Howard Stern Show, Sammy Hagar together with co-Van Halen member Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and Joe Satriani had a little announcement before performing for the show. Hagar announced that they were going to do a tour that would kick off next year and even invited David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen to perform with him on stage.

Bonham and Anthony agreed with Hagar’s statement that they plan to dive into Van Halen’s catalog in their upcoming tour entitled The Best of All Worlds.

When asked by Stern to explain it further, Hagar said that they don’t normally do it in the past. They’d usually fire six to seven songs of Van Halen, then move forward to into playing other songs of Montrose, Chickenfoot, and Led Zeppelin. He said that they are going to reverse that and will only play a few songs from the said bands and will go deeper into Van Halen’s catalog in this upcoming tour. Hagar then said:

“Mike and I, we’ve been together now a…you know a long time. And uh, we talk about it all the time, but we’ve always kind of always put it aside. But it’s just time, nobody else is going to do it. You know…If Dave goes out, you know, he can’t sing my stuff. It’s like, you know, we can do a few of early Van Halen songs, I got no problem with that. I did that when I was in Van Halen. We did talk about ‘Love,’ we even did f****** “Jump.
“I used to have bring somebody out in the audience to do ‘Jump,’ but you know it’s always like this is really a celebration of all that and we are the only ones could do it, you know and we’re going to invite every musician in every town.”

Hagar added that whenever they invite a guitarist from the town that they’re in, usually the guitarist would only come out for the sake of meeting Satriani. Kidding aside, Hagar told Stern that they usually involve other musicians who want to join them in performing. He added:

“If Alex Van Halen wants to jump, If David Lee Roth wants to come out and join us, come on mf, you are welcome.”

Stern immediately asked him, “Are there any odds that Alex Van Halen would show up on your tour and uh maybe join the celebration of his brother or you guys are not interested?” Hagar was quick to reply with, “I would hope so.”

He confessed that he always reached out to Alex once a month for five years now. He did that in any way he could like sending him a chat, a call, an email, and even voice mailing him using Alex’s favorite line:

“You know we’re not getting any younger.

“You know Al, we ain’t getting any younger, give me a call. Let me know what do you want to do, come on let’s get together. Mike and I will meet you somewhere.”

But Alex never gets back to him. Watch the video below.

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