Neil Young Reveals Retirement Is Now Possible

Neil Young Reveals Retirement Is Now Possible | Society Of Rock Videos

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Neil Young opened up about the idea of retiring.

Young recently admitted that he might slow down with his career one day, but fans shouldn’t feel bad as he is thinking about creating a sustainable tour soon.

For Young, retirement “doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility,” considering that he’s 77 years old now, he mentioned “that could happen. You get to a point in life where things are happening everywhere around you, and your friends are going away and not coming back. Things change.”

In the meantime, after releasing two new albums, Barn and World Record, he’s looking into hitting the road again since he hasn’t done that in so many years. He said:

“We finished recording [World Record] toward the end of May. That’s six months ago. That’s a long time for me to wait. I’ve never waited that long to put out a record.

“Because the record companies in their ultimate wisdom, seeing what a great thing digital was, they sold all the places where they made records. Now people want records and they haven’t got a facility to make them in, so it takes months and months and months to get vinyl.”

However, the singer recently avoided playing in a venue that offers factory-farmed food to attendees. He stated:

“This is something that’s very important to me, if I’m ever going to go out again … and I’m not sure I want to. I’m still feeling that out, but if I’m ever going to do it, I want to make sure that everything is clean.

“What was the last thing you remember eating at a show, and how good was it? Was it from a farm-made, homegrown village? I don’t think so. It was from a factory farm that’s killing us. I’ve been working on this idea of bringing the food and the drink and the merch into the realm where it’s all clean. I will make sure that the food comes from real farmers.”

Rest assured, Young is planning to create an approach that other acts could adopt as their own. He added:

“Once it’s up and going, and I’m finished with my part of the tour, there’s no reason why the tour has to stop.

“The tour can keep on going with another headliner. It’s about sustainability and renewability in the future, loving Earth for what it is. We want to do the right thing. That’s kind of the idea.”

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