KISS Tease Brand New Album, But Gene Simmons Will Only Do It Under One Major Condition….

KISS Tease Brand New Album, But Gene Simmons Will Only Do It Under One Major Condition…. | Society Of Rock Videos

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new music from KISS. The band have sort of been on a small hiatus, but recently Ace Frehely has been discussing coming back to tour, and possibly record new material. Many fans have been awaiting the reunion tour and album, but now Gene Simmons is having second thoughts.

In a recent radio interview Gene revealed these second thoughts, citing that he would only be willing to do record new material if there was a financial model that works. He feels that with streaming services and music downloads, making a new album might not be financially lucrative on KISS’ part.

“That’s less of an incentive, because downloading and filesharing… People have convinced themselves they don’t wanna pay for stuff. And last time I checked, KISS is not a charity. We’re philanthropic, but I’ll be the one that decides how much I give and where. I don’t want some college kid to decide, ‘You have enough money. I don’t wanna pay for your record.’ Okay, then go download and Radiohead record and see what happ… No, I ain’t about that.”Simmons said.

KISS’ previous record Sonic Boom debut at No. 2 on the charts, so the popularity of the band is still there. We’re pretty sure that people will buy the new record, so it’s up to KISS to decide if they want to spend their money on it or not.

Hopefully they decide to record!

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