Jimi Hendrix – ‘Stone Free’ (Live ’67)

Jimi Hendrix – ‘Stone Free’ (Live ’67) | Society Of Rock Videos

Jimi Hendrix Invades England

It’s easy to forget how young Jimi Hendrix actually was. When he crossed the pond to England in 1967, Jimi was a 24 year old kid who had no idea he was about to take the world by storm!

In the space of a week, he’d embarrassed Eric Clapton with his blistering rendition of ‘Killing Floor’ during a live jam session with Cream, and penned the song ‘Stone Free’ within 24 hours of touching down at Heathrow.

‘Stone Free’ was the B-side to Jimi’s ‘Hey Joe’, featured on Smash Hits.

Absolutely amazing – despite being rushed, Jimi Hendrix wrote this amazing, psychedelic song in less than 24 hours! We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t write a grocery list that quickly, much less a song for an album!

‘Stone Free’ is seen here performed in England in 1967, shortly after being written. The crowd and critics loved it! However, ever the perfectionist, Jimi didn’t like how rushed the writing was and wasn’t terribly fond of ‘Stone Free’.

Fun fact: Jimi’s cover of ‘Land Of 1,000 Dances’ was almost the B-side to ‘Hey Joe’!

While we’re sad that he didn’t really want to write ‘Stone Free’, we’re so glad he did! What an amazing song!

+ Stone Free lyrics +

Everyday in the week I’m in a different city
If I stay too long people try to pull me down
They talk about me like a dog
Talkin’ about the clothes I wear
But they don’t realize they’re the ones who’s square

And that’s why
You can’t hold me down
I don’t want to be tide down I gotta move

I said
Stone free do what I please
Stone free to ride the breeze
Stone free, baby I can’t stay
I got to got to got to get away

Listen here baby
A woman here a woman there try to keep me in a plastic cage
But they don’t realize it’s so easy to break
Yeah but a sometimes I get a ha
Feel my heart kind a gettin’ hot
That’s when I got to move before I get caught

So dig this
And the is why, listen to me baby, you can’t hold me down
I don’t want to be tied down
I gotta move on

I said
Stone free do what I please
Stone free to ride the breeze
Stone free I can’t stay
Got to got to got to get away
Tear me loose baby

I said
Stone free to ride on the breeze
Stone free do what I please
Stone free I can’t stay
Stone free I got to I got to get away
Stone free go on down the highway
Stone free don’t try to hold me back baby
Stone free stone free
Stone free got to baby
Stone free got get on

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