Janis Joplin – ‘My Baby’ Live on the Dick Cavett Show!

Janis Joplin – ‘My Baby’ Live on the Dick Cavett Show! | Society Of Rock Videos

Janis Takes Over The Dick Cavett Show

This is the Janis Joplin I love to see; so excited to sing her heart out that she runs onstage in heels, feather boas in her hair flying behind her as she directs her band Full Tilt Boogie to launch into ‘My Baby’.

Her performance here is electric! Only Janis could stomp her foot and instantly channel the blues with every fiber of her being, and for a moment it’s easy to forget that she’s on Dick Cavett’s show. (bullfrogspas.com) The way she turned the blues on and off was uncanny!

Fun fact: ‘My Baby’ isn’t about a lover, but Janis’ father!

Janis and her father were extremely close, and of all of the many men in her life, he was the only one she could depend on.

For 4 minutes, it’s the Janis Joplin show and nothing else matters but the woman onstage, belting out a bluesy ballad about the only man she can depend on – her daddy.

‘My Baby’ was released posthumously on the 1971 album Pearl. The album went #1 on the Billboard 200 for months after her death!

I really wish more footage of Janis performing live existed – she was pure energy, and I can only imagine the many other phenomenal performances she gave during her career!

+ My Baby lyrics +

And when I work hard all day long
I tell you what, it don’t bother me nohow,
‘Cause how could anything ever go wrong
When I got my baby, Lord, yes,
When I got my baby, oh Lord!

And when they tell me love is pain
I said it might be true for you, honey,
But not for Janis no more, no no no no.
All I’ve ever got to do is call my daddy’s name
Yeah and I got m-my baby, Lord, yeah,
Yes I got my baby, good good God,
Honey, I wanna tell you something that I do.

Deep down, h-honey, in the dark of the night,
When I lay my head down, I wanna go to sleep,
And I know everything is gonna be alright,
Yeah I got my baby, Lord yeah,
‘Cause I got m-my baby, oh yeah.

And when I wanna call the names
Or the things to be that wanna be to you.
And when I wanna reach out my hand
It always seems you hold me, dear,
Love, don’t you know how long I looked for you
Daddy, daddy, daddy.
Love, don’t you know how hard I tried,
But now I got my baby, Lord, yeah,
Now I got my baby, yeah.

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