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When we look at how Paul McCartney plays the bass, it’s interesting to note how he ended up there. Initially, it was a bit of a coincidence and not something he eagerly jumped into. As The Beatles were forming, they needed a bass player, and since John and George weren’t up for it, Paul decided to take on the role.

Back in those days, playing bass wasn’t as complex, with only a few techniques in play. Paul didn’t have many peers to learn from during that time. Figuring out how to handle the bass properly took a fair amount of time for the band.

Despite these humble beginnings, Paul McCartney became good at playing the bass. While some might not call him the absolute “best,” many consider him one of the greatest in the history of music. His impact on bass playing goes beyond just being technically skilled. He also made the bass look cool, inspiring lots of people to start playing it.

A Closer Look at Iconic Songs

Paul McCartney’s bass-playing expertise is demonstrated by listening to particular songs. Some examples include:

Penny Lane
Paperback Writer
Hey Bulldog
Come Together
A Little Help from My Friends

In these songs, McCartney’s bass serves as a key element, connecting chord changes with unexpected twists and turns. His approach isn’t just about showing off technical skills; he adds layers to each song, thanks to his strong sense of melody. Even John Lennon recognized this, mentioning that McCartney is humble about his bass playing, in contrast to his confidence in other areas.

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