High Schooler Shocks Talent Show Crowd With Insane, Metal-Injected Performance!

High Schooler Shocks Talent Show Crowd With Insane, Metal-Injected Performance! | Society Of Rock Videos

Image via YouTube channel KidHowren


No one saw this coming!

How many times were you told by your parents or teachers to turn your music down? There’s always that one person that is annoyed by people cranking it up and playing their music extra loud!

These high schoolers shocked a talent show by turning a nice performance into a full-on metal fiasco! They begin the performance playing Creed’s hit song “Six Feet.” Then, halfway through the song they, they let the feedback in their amplifiers ring out and go into Slayer’s “Raining Blood.” When they play the song they are head banging like crazy,m and the crowd goes up into a frenzy, and begin moshing! The faculty, teachers and parents are dumbfounded by this performance, and want no part of it! It’s an amazing prank that they pulled off absolutley flawlessly.


Interesting fact: This song is about becoming strong enough to overthrow heaven. The blood that’s raining down is the angel’s blood.

You’ll probably laugh at this epic prank. These kids are legends, and we give them props for having the guts to pull something off like this.

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