Grand Funk Railroad “Gimme Shelter” Cover Does Stones Justice With REAL Rock

Grand Funk Railroad “Gimme Shelter” Cover Does Stones Justice With REAL Rock | Society Of Rock Videos

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Unfortunately, we could not find live footage of this iconic rock and roll cover by Grand Funk Railroad of The Rolling Stones’ hit “Gimme Shelter” and do it some seriously justice The vocals are not only better, but this group rocks harder and upped the tempo a little bit to make it an even more killer rock song. If you have never heard this cover, you are missing out…

“The floods is threat’ning my very life today, gimme, gimme shelter or I’m gonna fade away…”

Inspired by the desire to hide from the “storm” of war, hate and murder, Jagger and Richards wrote this to create a lyrical haven for those that felt unsafe and like they had no place to go. This song has housed this generation in hope, love and faith for years and it holds very deep, sentimental value in those that lived through these times.

Interesting Quote: “That song was written during the Vietnam War and so it’s very much about the awareness that war is always present; it was very present in life at that point.” – Mick Jagger

Although we love The Rolling Stones and the music they brought into this world, we definitely enjoy this Grand Funk Railroad cover– this incredible quality recording will give you chills and we promise you will have it on repeat! Enjoy!

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