Graham Nash Gave $800k Worth Of Archive Material To Neil Young At No Charge

Graham Nash Gave $800k Worth Of Archive Material To Neil Young At No Charge | Society Of Rock Videos

via Rolling Stone/YouTube

Nash Gave Them To Young For Free

Handwritten lyric sheets are some of the most expensive memorabilia in rock ‘n roll. It could easily fetch in auction for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Anyone with such documents is in for some serious cash. And in a new interview with Uncut, Graham Nash surprised all of us when he revealed that he gifted handwritten lyric sheets to Neil Young for free though the material is valued at $800k.

Nash said, “Over the years, I accumulated 28 handwritten documents by Neil containing original lyrics they had had left behind at studios or given to me.”

He then recalled, “A year or so ago, he decided to sell his archive to a university in Canada and he asked me if I still had those lyrics. I said I did. I’d valued them at $800,000 but I realised that Neil wanted them, I realised how much money I had made because of his talent, and I gave them to Neil with a good heart. If Neil wanted his stuff back, he could have it.”

Even though he was reluctant to have Young onboard at first, Nash now has nothing but praises for his former bandmate, “It’s incredible how prolific he was. At this time, Neil would come to rehearsals with us as CSNY and then at the end of the day we’d go about our business and we didn’t know he was going into the studio to record a solo album. It’s been amazing to watch Neil become this great artist. When we were first together as CSNY we all realised how talented he was. I personally feel that Crosby, Stills & Nash and Crosby, Nash, Stills & Young are two completely different bands because of his talent and the difference that it makes.”

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