Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Who’ll Stop The Rain”

Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Who’ll Stop The Rain” | Society Of Rock Videos

And I Wonder, Still I Wonder…

Despite many claims to the contrary, ‘Who’ll Stop The Rain’ by American rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival wasn’t a protest song for the Vietnam War. Written by John Fogerty in 1970 for the album Cosmo’s Factory, this American classic was actually a lyrical memoir of John’s experiences at Woodstock the previous year. Leave it to one of the greatest lyricists of the 20th century to craft an American classic around a seemingly innocuous event – a rainy day!

Of the experience that led to the birth of ‘Who’ll Stop The Rain’, John says that he watched the festival goers dance in the rain, muddy, naked, cold, huddling together, and it just kept raining.

Fun Fact: The line, “I went down Virginia, seekin’ shelter from the storm” gave Bob Dylan the idea for the title of his 1975 song ‘Shelter From The Storm.’

‘Who’ll Stop The Rain’ is an American classic if there ever was one! Where John has a gift for writing lyrics that get to the heart of the human condition, Creedence Clearwater Revival as a whole did an even better job of creating the lush, textured harmonies that made this song stand the test of time.

+ Who’ll Stop The Rain lyrics +

Long as I remember the rain been comin’ down
Clouds of mystery pourin’ confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages tryin’ to find the sun.
And I wonder still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.

I went down Virginia seekin’ shelter from the storm
Caught up in the fable I watched the tower grow
Five year plans and new deals wrapped in golden chains.
And I wonder still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.

Heard the singers playin’, how we cheered for more.
The crowd had rushed together tryin’ to keep warm.
Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears
And I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.

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