Cello Players’ Amazing Rendition Of Jim Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”

Cello Players’ Amazing Rendition Of Jim Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” | Society Of Rock Videos

Photo Credit: YouTube Channel America's Got Talent

It’s So Unique!

“Purple Haze” is a psychedelic rock track written by Jimi Hendrix and released on March 17, 1967. It’s one of Hendrix’s most popular songs and is often included in his compilation albums.

This song was the product of Jimi Hendrix’s dream wherein a purple haze descended on him and caused him to lose his way and he continue writing down all his free verse ramblings to complete it.

Because they wanted it to contain something unique, their ex-manager did certain studio tricks to achieve a specific sound.

“With ‘Purple Haze’, Hendrix and I were striving for a sound and just kept going back in [to the studio], two hours at a time, trying to achieve it. It wasn’t like we were there for days on end. We recorded it, and then Hendrix and I would be sitting at home saying, ‘Let’s try that.’ Then we would go in for an hour or two. That’s how it was in those days. However long it took to record one specific idea, that’s how long we would book. We kept going in and out.” – Chas Chandler

In this particular cover, the two amazing and talented cello players are very expressive with each note and beat. Overall, it’s a powerful performance!

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