7-Year-Old Tears Through Van Halen Classic “Everybody Wants Some!!” In STUNNING Performance!

7-Year-Old Tears Through Van Halen Classic “Everybody Wants Some!!” In STUNNING Performance! | Society Of Rock Videos

Even Van Halen Would Be Impressed!

Avery Molek just took my favorite Van Halen song, ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ and absolutely rocked it! If this doesn’t make you sit up and take notice of this young man then I don’t know what will. Avery’s so dedicated to channeling Alex Van Halen that he’s even mastered the stick twirling and even sings along at one point – his passion is infectious, and you wind up having a great time right along with him!

Avery Says…

“This one I learned by ear. It was [crazy] hard to play the fill pattern so many times!”

Wait a minute…this is all done by ear?! There are seasoned drummers twice Avery’s age that can’t get that level of precision, especially since Alex Van Halen is notorious for his complex drum fills!

Guys, this is my favorite, hands down! I know I say that fairly often, but this is the first time that we get to see the rock fan in Avery come out while he’s drumming! Suddenly he’s not just a child prodigy playing the drums, he’s a regular kid living the dream and jamming along to his favorite song, the way that everyone else does.

That’s what makes his talent all the more special – yes, he’s gifted, but he also takes the time to enjoy it!

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