Alice Cooper Says Being Transgender Is “Also A Fad”

Alice Cooper Says Being Transgender Is “Also A Fad” | Society Of Rock Videos

via Official Alice Cooper/YouTube

In response to a query regarding prior remarks made by musical contemporaries Paul Stanley and Dee Snider on gender-affirming child care, Alice Cooper has become the newest performer to discuss sexual identity.

He responded by saying:

“I’m understanding that there are cases of transgender, but I’m afraid that it’s also a fad.”

In an interview with Stereogum, he elaborated that he finds it problematic when very young kids are exposed to complex concepts of gender identity. He believes it can be confusing for children who are still trying to figure out themselves. He also expressed skepticism about the idea of “woke culture” and questioned who sets the rules for what language is acceptable. He finds some aspects of this culture to be laughable and believes that most people he interacts with share similar sentiments.

Cooper’s Critique of Potential Misuse

Regarding gender identity, Cooper suggests that individuals should have a chance to become more aware of their own sexuality before delving into questions of being a boy or a girl. He holds a straightforward view that biological sex is determined by one’s physical characteristics. He acknowledges that people can choose their gender identity, but emphasizes that this is something to explore later, and one’s biological sex remains a factual aspect.

In response to the interviewer’s opinion that parents are merely trying to support their children’s feelings and seek appropriate care, Cooper expressed concern that there could be misuse of the situation, allowing people to exploit the concept of gender identity for their benefit. He raised a serious point about safety and consent, particularly in public spaces, where individuals could potentially use claims of fluid gender identity to engage in harmful activities.

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