5 Great Songs From Toto That Is Not “Africa”

5 Great Songs From Toto That Is Not “Africa” | Society Of Rock Videos

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While Toto’s “Africa” remains a beloved classic, there’s more to their musical repertoire that often goes unnoticed. The band, known for their soft-rock ballads exploring themes of love, has produced several gems apart from the iconic rain-soaked anthem.

Let’s explore some of Toto’s standout tracks that showcase their versatility:

1. Rosanna
In 1982, Toto delivered the romantic ballad “Rosanna,” a chart-topping hit that earned them a Grammy for Record of the Year in 1983. With its repeated mentions of a woman’s name, the song captured hearts and climbed to number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

2. Hold the Line
Released as their debut single in 1978, “Hold the Line” is a unique blend of heavy metal guitar licks, piano triplets, and a groove that defies categorization. Drummer Jeff Porcaro described it as a fusion of elements that crossed musical boundaries, leaving an enduring impact with the memorable line, “Hold the line, love isn’t always on time.”

3. 99
As a tribute to the 1971 science-fiction film THX 1138 directed by George Lucas, “99” emerged as a successful yet somewhat contentious composition. Despite guitarist Steve Lukather’s initial dislike for the idea, the song contributed to Toto’s diverse repertoire.

4. I Won’t Hold You Back
Featuring an emotionally charged guitar solo by Lukather, “I Won’t Hold You Back” stands as a classic power ballad. The inclusion of Eagles’ bassist Timothy B. Schmit on backing vocals during the chorus adds an extra layer to this heartfelt composition.

5. Stop Loving You
Released in 1988, “Stop Loving You” encapsulates the iconic sound of the ’80s from its opening notes. Filled with metaphors about love, the song immerses listeners in the nostalgic atmosphere of the era. Notably, Yes frontman Jon Anderson contributes backing vocals, adding an extra touch to this ’80s gem.

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