5 Classic Rock Bands Replacement Guitarists That Didn’t Last

5 Classic Rock Bands Replacement Guitarists That Didn’t Last | Society Of Rock Videos

Classic rock bands have seen their fair share of lineup changes, especially when it comes to lead guitarists. Sometimes, new faces bring new energy and ideas, but their time with the band is short-lived. Here, we’ll explore five instances where replacement guitarists left a mark, even if their stay was brief.

1. Bernie Tormé – Ozzy Osbourne
Bernie Tormé’s brief tenure with Ozzy Osbourne lasted just ten days, serving as a crucial bridge for the band following the departure of Randy Rhoads. Though his time was short, Tormé left a mark on the band’s transitional period.

2. Jimmy Crespo – Aerosmith
After Joe Perry’s departure in 1979, Jimmy Crespo stepped in as lead guitarist for Aerosmith. Collaborating closely with Steven Tyler, Crespo co-wrote numerous songs, contributing to the band’s album Rock in a Hard Place until 1984.

3. Erik Cartwright – Foghat
Erik Cartwright assumed the lead guitarist role for Foghat in 1981, succeeding Rod Price. His contributions spanned three major label albums, leaving an indelible mark on the band’s sound during his tenure.

4. Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck – The Yardbirds
In a remarkable turn of events, The Yardbirds welcomed two guitar legends, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, as replacements for original members Tony “Top” Topham and Chris Dreja. Their presence reshaped the band’s trajectory, solidifying its place in rock history.

5. Mick Taylor – The Rolling Stones
Mick Taylor’s journey with The Rolling Stones began as a temporary replacement for Brian Jones in 1969. However, his impact was profound, leading to his full membership in the band for a significant period. Taylor’s influence on the band’s late 1960s sound remains a defining chapter in rock music history.

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