12 Rockers’ Biggest On-Stage Outbursts

12 Rockers’ Biggest On-Stage Outbursts | Society Of Rock Videos

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Outbursts are an unfortunate but sometimes entertaining part of the music industry. Life on the road, combined with a high-octane lifestyle and the potential for things to go wrong during performances, can create a volatile mix that can lead to explosive moments on stage. These incidents capture the attention of the world, much like witnessing road rage – they’re ugly, yet you can’t help but watch.

These 12 instances of rockers’ on-stage outbursts highlight the volatile and unpredictable nature of the music industry. While some incidents were more justified than others, they all serve as reminders that even the biggest rock stars are not immune to losing their temper and making headlines for their explosive actions.

Paul Stanley Rages on Stage

One notable incident occurred during a Kiss concert in Portland in 2009. As the band was performing their hit song “Love Gun,” an audience member decided to target them with a laser pointer. Paul Stanley, the band’s frontman, took immediate notice and stopped the show to address the individual. Rather than getting overly angry or boisterous, Stanley managed to handle the situation with humor, cracking jokes about the audience member’s young age and even suggesting that his mom was waiting outside in the car. The crowd found it amusing and cheered along. It’s worth noting that Stanley’s response was more restrained compared to other rockers on this list.

Dave Grohl Against a Fan

Even the nicest guys in rock can lose their temper when their show is disrupted. Dave Grohl, the frontman of Foo Fighters, known for his reputation as “the nicest guy in rock,” kicked a fan out of their concert at London’s Roundhouse in 2011. The fan was involved in a fight in the audience, and Grohl took it upon himself to call them out and have them removed from the venue. He explained to the rest of the audience that he was there to make people dance, not fight. It’s safe to say that his reaction was justified given the circumstances.

Dave Mustaine Vs the Laser Pointer

Laser pointers seem to be a recurring annoyance for rock and roll legends, as Dave Mustaine of Megadeth also fell victim to one during the infamous 1999 Woodstock festival. Mustaine responded to the laser pointer by delivering a sarcastic and expletive-filled rant, ending it with a not-so-polite “thank you” and thumbs up. Thankfully, the annoying laser did not make a reappearance, sparing both the band and the crowd from further irritation.

Ted Nugent Vs Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Ted Nugent, known for his outspoken Republican views, used his on-stage platform to express his strong disapproval of Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. During a 2007 performance, Nugent brandished two assault rifles on stage and directed explicit comments towards Obama and Clinton. While his suggestions received cheers and applause from some members of the audience, Nugent’s remarks also led to an investigation by the Secret Service due to their nature and escalating threats.

Axl Rose Vs Paparazzi

Axl Rose, the vocalist of Guns N’ Roses, has a reputation for dramatic moments, but one incident truly stands out. After instructing security to remove a man’s camera during a concert, Rose leaped into the crowd to take matters into his own hands. Blaming the “lame ass security,” Rose then slammed the microphone down and stormed offstage. It’s not every day that you witness an entertainer attacking their own fans, but Axl Rose has always been one of a kind.

Eric Clapton Quits Mid-Performance

Eric Clapton had a notable outburst during a 2014 concert in Glasgow. It’s reported that Clapton was experiencing technical difficulties, but instead of communicating this to the audience, he walked off stage without any explanation. Some fans found Clapton’s behavior embarrassing and insulting, especially considering the high price of tickets.

Elton John Threw Water on Stage

Elton John, known for his flamboyant persona, also had a moment of frustration during one of his residency shows at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas in May 2012. Clearly upset about something happening behind the scenes, he shouted that someone in his production team was “fucking fired!” Adding to the show of anger, he threw his water on stage four times. Elton John, as he would describe himself, certainly wasn’t holding back.

Jim Morrison Miami Incident

In 1969, Jim Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors, caused a stir during a performance in Miami. After a fan poured champagne on him, Morrison responded by exclaiming, “Let’s get naked!” And he did just that, resulting in his subsequent arrest.

Kurt Cobain Outburst in Front of Camera

Kurt Cobain, the frontman of Nirvana, was known for his raw and sometimes disturbing antics on stage. During a 1993 concert in Brazil, Cobain got up close and personal with a video camera, spitting into the lens and even simulating masturbation. It was undoubtedly unsettling for those witnessing the performance.

Billy Joel Meltdown in Moscow

Billy Joel had a fiery moment during a concert in Moscow. Angered by what seemed to be an issue with the lighting engineer, Joel unleashed his frustration by mistreating the microphone stand. While the show went on around him without interruption, Joel’s rage seemed to consume him, creating a fascinating spectacle for the audience.

Liam and Noel Gallagher Argued on Stage That Ended Oasis

Sibling rivalry took center stage in the band Oasis, with Liam and Noel Gallagher constantly butting heads. The brothers’ ongoing feud became a defining aspect of their careers, with tensions and catfights occurring both on and off stage. During a performance of their song “Whatever,” the brothers stopped mid-song due to a disagreement about the arrangement. Liam, visibly upset, told Noel to sing the song himself. This incident was just one of many that ultimately led to the demise of Oasis.

Billy Corgan Issues Warning to Fan Who Jumped on Stage

During a 2016 show in Memphis, Tennessee, Billy Corgan faced an unexpected interruption when a fan jumped on stage while he was playing a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Angie.” Unhappy with the intrusion, Corgan threatened the fan, telling them to get off his stage before he would “punch [them] in the f-cking face.” Once the fan left, Corgan resumed the show with a rock on hand gesture.

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