10 Reasons Why The New Foo Fighters Album “But Here We Are” Is Amazing

10 Reasons Why The New Foo Fighters Album “But Here We Are” Is Amazing | Society Of Rock Videos

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Despite their esteemed position in the rock music scene, each Foo Fighters album is significant. However, their latest release, But Here We Are, is even more meaningful due to recent events. Despite the tragic passing of drummer Taylor Hawkins and the band’s comeback performances at the tribute shows, they completed the album with minimal attention.

Earlier this year, Foo Fighters announced they would continue as a band despite Hawkins’ passing and followed up with tour dates. The surprise release of “Rescued” this spring, along with news about the album, caught fans off guard. Now that But Here We Are is out, let’s discuss what makes it stand out as one of Foo Fighters’ finest works.

1. Foo Fighters Find a Direction, One That Feels Fitting
The deaths of Hawkins and Virginia Hanlon Grohl deeply saddened the Foo Fighters. Their influence is felt in the album, which explores themes of mortality, personal loss, and coping. It is both somber and uplifting, offering reflective moments. The work respectfully addresses the band’s losses, helping fans process their grief.

2. Wait, Is That a Guitar Solo?
Although the Foo Fighters may not be the first band that comes to mind for guitar solos, their three guitarists deliver a standout moment in the late album track “Beyond Me.” Dave Grohl’s solo, combined with his contemplation of mortality, brings a much-needed uplifting vibe.

3. It’s Not ALL About Taylor and Dave’s Mom
While this record deals with personal loss, not all songs are influenced by Grohl’s recent bereavement. “Under You” is a typical Foo Fighters track about a broken relationship. The title track reflects on lost innocence, and “Nothing At All” is a powerful song reminiscent of their early hit, “I’ll Stick Around,” focusing on a relationship.

4. A Father / Daughter Gem
“Show Me How” is a heartfelt song with a family connection. Grohl sings about seeking guidance, and his daughter Violet’s vocals add a beautiful touch, elevating the emotional depth of the track.

5. It Has Foo Fighters’ Best Hooks in Years
Grohl’s latest album reignites the Foo Fighters’ knack for crafting catchy rock songs, evident in singles like “Rescued” and “The Teacher.” “Under You” exemplifies their focus on captivating songwriting.

6. It Recalls Foo Fighters’ Early Material With Aplomb
The album’s freshness awakens your senses, reminiscent of early Foo Fighters music in the mid-’90s. Even lesser-known tracks like “New Way Home” and “Winnebago” had a captivating musical magic. The new songs, like “Show Me How” and “The Glass,” bring back that same nostalgic feeling.

7. It’s Succinct and to the Point
Foo Fighters had already started moving in this direction with their previous album, 2021’s Medicine at Midnight, which had only nine tracks. However, choosing to have ten songs in But Here We Are was definitely a smart decision, particularly in the age of streaming. It elevates the significance of each individual track and allows the album to have ample space to flourish.

8. Dave Grohl on the Drums
Grohl’s drumming on this record is flawless. It’s wonderful to witness the rocker’s return to playing drums for an entire album. However, it’s undeniably heartbreaking that Grohl’s resurgence as a drummer is attributed to the tragic passing of Hawkins.

9. A Tearful Conclusion
The album’s closing track, “Rest,” is incredibly moving. It begins with a solo guitar and explores Grohl’s attempt to connect with a departed loved one. The song intensifies midway with a powerful chord symbolizing the ascent of the soul after death. The track ends with Grohl and his guitar, as he expresses the longing to reunite under the Virginia sun.

10. The Way Forward for Foo Fighters
After Kurt Cobain’s death, the Foo Fighters formed to embody the healing power of music. Uncertain about their future after drummer Hawkins’ passing, the band now focuses on introspective songwriting in their latest album, suggesting Grohl’s personal journey towards peace amidst tragedy.

It’s your turn to experience it firsthand. Make sure to grab a copy of But Here We Are right here. Additionally, you have the opportunity to see Foo Fighters live as they tour in support of the album.

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