10 Reasons Classic Rock Fans Make The Best Friends

10 Reasons Classic Rock Fans Make The Best Friends | Society Of Rock Videos

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You Need One

Classic rock fans are one of the most misunderstood people ever. Others have certain assumptions that are far from the truth – like they’re snobs or they look down on anything other than rock ‘n roll. That may be true in SOME cases but definitely not all. Besides, they make awesome best friends.

Why? Check this out.

10. They know what era it is just basing it all on hair.


That’s not even generally speaking. They can actually pinpoint the exact year just by looking at the band’s hairstyles – long hair, mop-tops, curled.

9. They make an amazing road trip playlist.


They’re the buddies you need when going on a long and tiring journey. Besides, what’s a good road trip without putting on “Born to be Wild” with the volume on max?

8. They know just the right song to match your mood.


Feeling sad? Nostalgic? Happy? Heartbroken? Anxious? They’ve got just the track to make you feel better or at very least, help you relax.

7. They try to sing along and hit high notes every chance they get.


Karaoke nights would be so much fun having them around!

6. They can tell you minute details about pretty much everyone in the rock ‘n roll world.


Conversations are never boring, by the way. They can even narrate all of Keith Moon’s antics as if he’s their old friend!

5. They can go for hours debating which band is THE best.


They won’t back down, guaranteed. Like, Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

4. They get happy over the smallest things.


Favorite bands touring again, expanded edition of their favorite albums, or a never-before-seen footage of their favorite artist released on YouTube – that’s all it takes.

3. If you’re obsessed with something, they’ll totally understand.


At one point, they knew Mick Jagger’s birthday, height, and who he dated so yes, they get what it’s like to obsess.

2. They’re fiercely loyal.


They stuck with the bands and its members through thick and thin, controversies and issues, bad records and all. So they’ll most likely stick with you too.

1. They know how to enjoy the moment.


They thrived at a time when there were no thousands of cellphones during concerts. They don’t find the need to document every single thing but they very much know how to have fun.

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