10 Infamous and Unbelievable Crimes Committed by Rock Musicians

10 Infamous and Unbelievable Crimes Committed by Rock Musicians | Society Of Rock Videos

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Rock music has always had a rebellious edge, with its musicians often seen as living on the edge of societal norms. While most rock stars may push the boundaries with their music and stage antics, some have crossed lines into criminal behavior. Here, we delve into ten notorious crimes committed by rock musicians, revealing the darker side behind the music.

Ozzy Osbourne


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1982 marked a moment of infamy for Osbourne. During a visit to San Antonio, Texas, he found himself embroiled in controversy for an act that would reverberate far beyond the confines of the music world. It was here that Osbourne, in a brazen display of defiance, relieved himself on a towering 60-foot statue near the Alamo.

This act, deemed a flagrant violation of public decency laws, swiftly resulted in legal repercussions for the rock icon. The incident sparked a media frenzy, capturing headlines and stirring public discourse about the limits of artistic expression and personal freedom.

While some dismissed it as just another episode in Osbourne’s storied history of eccentric behavior, others saw it as a stark reminder of the consequences that accompany such audacious acts.

Chuck Berry


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Chuck Berry, revered as one of the founding fathers of rock and roll, found himself embroiled in a scandal that tarnished his illustrious legacy. In a shocking turn of events, it was revealed that Berry had installed a clandestine video camera in the women’s restroom of a Missouri restaurant that he owned.

This egregious breach of privacy sparked outrage and condemnation, shattering the public’s perception of the beloved musician. Despite the gravity of the situation, Berry managed to evade more severe repercussions by striking a plea deal. By pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge, he sidestepped potential child abuse charges and was ultimately handed a suspended jail sentence.

Sid Vicious


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Sid Vicious, the notorious bassist for the groundbreaking punk band Sex Pistols, became entangled in a web of tragedy and controversy that would forever overshadow his musical career. Charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, Vicious found himself at the center of a storm of speculation and intrigue.

However, before the wheels of justice could fully turn, fate intervened in the most tragic of ways. Vicious succumbed to a fatal heroin overdose, extinguishing any hope of a trial and leaving the circumstances surrounding Spungen’s death shrouded in uncertainty and ambiguity.

Phil Spector


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Phil Spector, the visionary music producer renowned for his groundbreaking “wall of sound” production technique, found himself ensnared in a harrowing tale of tragedy and legal turmoil. In a shocking turn of events, Spector was convicted of second-degree murder for the fatal shooting of actress Lana Clarkson at his residence in 2003.

The trial that ensued captivated the public imagination, shedding light on the turbulent life and erratic behavior of a man once hailed as a musical genius. Despite Spector’s renowned contributions to the world of music, the severity of his crime could not be overlooked, and he was sentenced to serve 19 years to life behind bars.

Jim Gordon


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Jim Gordon, a once highly respected drummer known for his collaborations with Derek and the Dominos and other legendary bands, became tragically entangled in a nightmarish ordeal that would forever alter the course of his life. In a horrifying turn of events, Gordon succumbed to a schizophrenic episode in 1983, during which he committed the unthinkable act of murdering his own mother.

The shocking nature of the crime sent shockwaves through the music community, prompting soul-searching conversations about mental health and the devastating consequences of untreated illness. Despite his once-promising career and esteemed reputation, Gordon’s descent into madness ultimately led to a life sentence in a psychiatric prison.

Keith Moon


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Keith Moon, the legendary drummer of The Who, found himself thrust into the spotlight of legal controversy following a tragic incident that would haunt him for the remainder of his days. In the aftermath of a fateful night, Moon faced charges of drunk driving in connection with the death of his chauffeur, Cornelius “Neil” Boland.

The events of that ill-fated evening cast a dark shadow over Moon’s reputation, raising questions about accountability and responsibility. Despite his admission of guilt to multiple charges related to the incident, Moon ultimately found himself cleared of any legal wrongdoing.

Bobby Beausoleil

Bobby Beausoleil, once a promising guitarist associated with the Grass Roots, found himself ensnared in a web of violence and manipulation orchestrated by infamous cult leader Charles Manson. In a chilling chapter of criminal history, Beausoleil became entangled in the murder of music teacher Gary Hinman, carried out at the behest of Manson.

The events that unfolded in the summer of 1969 shook the nation to its core, as the Manson Family unleashed a wave of terror and bloodshed that reverberated far beyond the confines of their secluded commune. Beausoleil’s involvement in the brutal slaying of Hinman marked a tragic descent into darkness, forever tarnishing his reputation and sealing his fate as a prisoner of his own actions.

Billy Preston


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Billy Preston, celebrated for his masterful keyboard skills and collaborations with iconic bands like The Beatles, found himself mired in a series of legal troubles that marred his illustrious career. Despite his undeniable talent and contributions to the world of music, Preston’s life was plagued by personal struggles and brushes with the law.

In the tumultuous 1990s and early 2000s, Preston’s name became synonymous with legal entanglements, including charges of cocaine possession and involvement in insurance fraud schemes. These allegations cast a shadow over his once-glistening reputation, tarnishing the legacy of a musician who had once shared the stage with some of the greatest artists of his time.

Arthur Lee

Arthur Lee, the charismatic frontman of the influential band Love, experienced a tumultuous period marked by legal troubles that cast a shadow over his musical legacy. Despite his undeniable talent and the critical acclaim garnered by Love’s groundbreaking music, Lee’s life was marred by a series of arrests and legal entanglements.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Lee found himself embroiled in a cycle of legal woes, including multiple arrests for drug possession and illegal possession of firearms. These incidents not only tarnished his reputation but also disrupted his career, overshadowing his artistic achievements and leading to periods of imprisonment.

Dave Holland


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Dave Holland, the former drummer of the iconic heavy metal band Judas Priest, faced a grave and deeply troubling legal ordeal that shook the foundation of his reputation and career. In a disturbing twist of events, Holland was found guilty of attempting to rape a 17-year-old boy with learning disabilities.

The magnitude of the charges reverberated throughout the music industry and beyond, sparking profound conversations about vulnerability, exploitation, and the abuse of power. Despite his previous standing as a respected musician, Holland’s actions laid bare a dark and disturbing truth that shattered any illusions of his innocence.

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