The Top 10 Most Underrated Classic Rock Singers Of All Time – See Who Made the Cut!


#8 – Dee Snider

Ron Galella / Getty Images

The Controversial Twisted Sister!

Chances are that you already know Dee Snider for being an outspoken activist and for the infamous testimony he gave in 1985 to the PMRC. And, yes, you are probably aware that he is the front man for Twisted Sister, but for the most part, that seems to be the extent of the knowledge that people have of Dee Snider, which is rather sad.

Dee Snider is not only remarkably famous for his showmanship and charisma, but also for his singing. Dee Snider has often been compared to Roger Daltrey as they share the same high octave yet heavy sounding vocal style. Even at 61 years old, Dee Snider can still just as good if not better than he could in the 80s.

It’s truly a shame that Dee Snider does not get any recognition for his incredible singing. He is one of the best pure and simple and should be recognized for that!


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