The Top 10 Most Underrated Classic Rock Singers Of All Time – See Who Made the Cut!


#9 – Jack Bruce

Michael Putland / Getty Images

A Hero To Us All!

One of the ongoing arguments in the classic rock community is the origin of hard rock and heavy metal. As far as heavy metal is concerned, many fans will agree that Black Sabbath essentially engineered what we call “Heavy Metal”. Rock and roll, however, is a more complex and in depth argument. There is a countless amount of bands that can be said to be the founding fathers of rock music. One of those bands is a band called Cream.

Being one of the first bands to introduce the hard rock sound that we as fans crave day in and day out, Cream are not always credited for their contributions to rock music, but their contributions are certainly there, and the lack of recognition doesn’t stop with the band. It extends to vocalist/bassist Jack Bruce.

With a soulful voice and charisma to follow, Jack Bruce is undoubtedly one of the greatest rock vocalists to be at the forefront of the creation of rock music. He is also one of the most underrated, which is a shame.


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