Rock Stars Who Will Turn 70 in 2017

Rock Stars Who Will Turn 70 in 2017 | Society Of Rock Videos

“How terribly strange to be seventy.” – Simon and Garfunkel

Strange indeed, with the notorious lifestyle of rock n’ roll that revolves mostly on alcohol, drugs, girls, and hard partying, it’s already such a rarity for the rock star greats to reach a lifespan beyond 40. Many icons of today remain frozen in their glorious days, taken by the lifestyle itself at such a young age (27 Death Club, familiar?). Those who live fast and long have amazingly aged gracefully. Some are even going strong in their careers and continue to rock on into their 70s! Even after decades and decades in the music industry, putting out records and doing shows and tours, these septuagenarian rock stars remain to be after they  at the top of their game.


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