Ozzy Osbourne Just ‘Punched’ Zakk Wylde In The Face

Ozzy Osbourne Just ‘Punched’ Zakk Wylde In The Face | Society Of Rock Videos

Zakk Wylde / Facebook


That’s What I Call A Right Hook!

It was recently reported that Ozzy Osbourne would be reuniting with his long time guitarist Zakk Wylde. Since they officially announced it, the two have hit the ground running and are already going to be playing a whole bunch of shows and possibly make a new album.

The two have some of the best singer-to-guitarist chemistry of all time, probably the best since the Randy Rhoads era. It’s true!

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That being said, it doesn’t mean the two can’t come to blows from time to time, comically speaking.

What you’re about to watch is a video in which just after a rehearsal, Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde cut a promo in front of the camera promoting Ozzfest and knotfest, but as soon as Zakk starts talking a little bit too much, well, that’s when Ozzy Osbourne gives him a little love tap. See for yourself!

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