Caught On Camera: 22-Year-Old Randy Rhoads Shreds At Hollywood’s Starwood Club

Caught On Camera: 22-Year-Old Randy Rhoads Shreds At Hollywood’s Starwood Club | Society Of Rock Videos

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The Starwood Club, 1979

Credited with helping bring Ozzy Osbourne’s career back from the brink following his dismissal from Black Sabbath in 1978, master musician Randy Rhoads shook the world with an innovative approach to music that seamlessly blended rock with neo-classical elements, putting him lightyears ahead of his contemporaries. Though it was with Ozzy and songs like “Crazy Train” and “Mr. Crowley” that he’d be launched into legend, Randy’s career actually extended back much further – dating back to 1973 with Los Angeles heavy metal band Quiet Riot where he remained as lead guitarist until 1979.


Fun Fact: As Randy was running through a warm up before he auditioned for a spot in Ozzy Osbourne’s new band, he was interrupted mid warm up…and hired on the spot.

Taken from footage recorded in 1979, this clip features a 22-year-old Randy shredding at Hollywood’s Starwood Club, and while it definitely wasn’t the guitarist’s first time taking center stage at The Starwood, it’s the first time it was actually caught on camera. Sporting a Gibson Les Paul, a vest and a bow tie, Randy runs through a 5 minute solo that showcases all of the cool things he’d come to be remembered for in later years, including a few pieces that would become the lost solo that Ozzy Osbourne heard for the first time in 30 years. Check out one of rock’s greatest guitarists during a brief moment in the early days of his career – if you’re anything like us, you’re bound to be absolutely blown away yet again by how talented Randy was!

22 year old Randy Rhoads

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