After 17 Studio Albums, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks Confirms The Inevitable

After 17 Studio Albums, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks Confirms The Inevitable | Society Of Rock Videos

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“If The Music Business Were Different, I Might Feel Different…”

With 17 studio albums, 8 live albums, 23 compilation albums, 62 singles under their belt and more than 40 years together in their current incarnation, Fleetwood Mac is done recording albums. Frontwoman Stevie Nicks laid it all out in black and white this morning during a particularly illuminating interview with Rolling Stone and in between sage wisdom about men and self-discovery revealed that Fleetwood Mac’s 2003 album Say You Will is very likely the last album of original material that fans will ever hear.


The reason? Three words: the music industry.

“I don’t think there’s any reason to spend a year and an amazing amount of money on a record that, even if it has great things, isn’t going to sell.

I don’t think we’ll do another record. If the music business were different, I might feel different,” reveals Stevie.

The sad truth is that at the end of the day, Stevie’s right. With the music industry rapidly morphing into something artists like Stevie Nicks neither like or recognize, there’s almost no incentive for bands and artists to spend thousands, if not millions, of dollars to head into the studio and beat their heads against a wall trying to knock out an album that will rival their previous release, only to find that it’s being illegally downloaded or streamed on services like Spotify and Apple Music. These days, touring is where the money is – so why not hit the road for a few months with material you know will sell out large venues?

We’ll miss throwing around the idea of one last Fleetwood Mac album, but at least we’ll get Stevie and the gang in the form of another tour slated for the end of this year!

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